Introducing Hackmeals – UpDown NightLife App

Familiarity with Hackmeals – Available exclusively through the Updown app.

How It Works:

Updown will partner with a number of bars and restaurants throughout the Kansas City area to offer food / beverage specials throughout the week. These promotional rates will be redeemable only through the Updown app so consumers will have to download to enjoy savings. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage downloads and encourage user participation for the mutual benefit for the establishments offering such promotions and those looking to save a little on an evening out because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good deal?

The launch event will take place on Thursday, October 28thGod’ In Sweet Combforts located in the Westport borough. As our first official partner for Hackmeals, the restaurant will unveil new menu items and cocktails that our users will enjoy at a discounted price. These limited items will be unique to the Updown brand and we are so excited that our loyal followers will experience these delicious treats. Taking advantage of these suggestions, we’d love to see all the photos or videos posted in our user update.

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Download the app now to break into your favorite deals!

More factories will partner with us soon, so look for more opportunities to save!

Download here!


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