Crowd Spotlight – Shenelle Edwin

You might catch Chanel Edwin in the mix but only on one of two occasions; Is there to make money or is it an Updown event. As a native of Kansas City, she has spent the past decade both as a patron and as an industrialist so she can give a fair appreciation from both sides. You must have seen her slang drinks, serve bottles or gather people for a photo shoot at the bar. Very social and fun, Chanel brings great energy to any occasion.

As someone who enjoys hiking, Edwin also experiences what other big cities have to offer when it comes to nightlife. From an industry perspective, KC is of the opinion that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to meeting the standards of a big city. However, the efforts of growth and diversity have not gone unnoticed. On the celebratory side of things, lackluster events and the inadequacy to accommodate different audiences deters her from different places.

Shenelle 3

When asked why she prefers Updown events, Edwin talked about the upscale atmosphere and focus on the customer experience. “Updown provides a great city experience combined with customer service downstairs. The combination of the two creates an excellent end-user experience for both new and regular customers, as well as staff.” she said. As a participant in the app, the Hotspot feature is her favorite right now because it helps users find the right spot for them without jumping from place to place.

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It’s because of loyal followers like Chanel that Updown has thrived as it is. From the support she showed in everything we do, to the kind words she shared when she was interviewed for this article, we are truly humbled that she is by our side. Thank you Chanel for being a commendable member of our audience!


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