Your Ultimate Guide To An Unforgettable Birthday Celebration In Puerto Vallarta

Pop culture has led us to believe that the city of Las Vegas is the pinnacle of the human party experience.

As a guy who has taken years of his life happily from some extravagant trips to Sin City, you will not hear me argue against this claim.

But, Vegas has its flaws, both logistically and financially. With long queues of clubs (especially for guys) and insanely inflated prices on hotel accommodations and bar covers, Vegas is a city that can really only be appreciated with industry connections and deep pockets.

Plus, anyone who’s never had access to a pool party at a Vegas hotel knows how suffocating the afternoon of August in the Nevada desert can be. Not an ideal.

For those looking for an epic headache-free party experience and the financial commitment of Vegas, look no further than Puerto Vallarta, the dynamic resort town on Mexico’s picturesque Pacific coast.

It’s only a matter of time before Puerto Vallarta becomes a mainstream party destination, that such articles will not be necessary, but until then, let me provide a guidebook on how to hold birthday parties right in Puerto Vallarta.

Birthday dinner

The initial group dinner is essential in setting the tone for the night.

Everyone is wearing their freshest clothes, the excitement is electric, and this may be the last time the team is complete before being immersed in PV’s exciting nightlife experience.

A satisfied stomach is necessary before a night of drinking, so why not pamper your birthday boy or girl in the best restaurants that PV has to offer (all in close proximity to clubs).


No matter how many special cocktails you have for dinner, you can not forget this place.

Culinary rising star Chef Joel Ornals places Puerta and Larta on a plate with a revolving menu of amazing home-grown ingredients that are brilliantly combined to create unique and delicious dishes.

From Porkbelly Chicharron in Tomatillo Sauce to French Chicken from Organic Gâtinais to classic Tintoque cheesecake (home-made), there is not a single dish on Tintoque’s menu that leaves something to be desired.

But do not take it from me, check it out 300+ 5 star reviews On TripAdvisor.


Visiting a beach town like Puerto Vallarta and not eating ceviche is like traveling to Vegas and not touching a slot machine. It must be a crime.

Ceviceria Juan Tiboron is one of the top rated restaurants in the entire city, offering gourmet dishes at affordable prices in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The tuna ceviche and the Mediterranean ceviche are a crowd favorite and you must wash them with a shrimp and octopus cocktail. It’s not mandatory, but it should be.


The most rated steakhouse in the city, and it has become so popular that the franchise is expanding in the United States.

Aside from food, Sonara is without a doubt the best place to start a night of parties as the place boasts huge TVs with a big screen and has a home DJ who maintains high energy with music and video presentations.

If you need another reason to celebrate a birthday dinner at Sonora Grill, allow TripAdvisor Note Justin to educate you on his birthday dinner experience:

“One of the best overall dining experiences I have ever had. Martin was our main server, and he was professional and courteous and very helpful. Santiago was the captain of the team and made sure our meal was perfect! David left no detail and never left us to ask for anything. Wagyu What I ordered was amazing, the ribeye was cooked perfectly, and the desserts were huge and distributable.10 10/10 will come back here on every visit to PVR.

Check out our blog post titled ‘Best Puerto Vallarta Group Dining Restaurants‘For more top-notch recommendations.

Okay, are you fat and happy?

Release the belt and come celebrate.

night life

You have come to the right place because you already know we accept The best deals in the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta.

The saint

You can not mention Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta Without saying The saint Shortly after.

The prestigious club has grown to prominence thanks to its huge size (2,500 capacity), lighting system, swimming pool and lounge (yes, you read that right), and its ability to attract beautiful people, including some celebrities from Latin America.

A thriving sound system typically plays the top 40, hip hop and Spanish rock.

Be sure to dress to impress, because the La Santa team will not hesitate to keep you away because you look like a scrubber.

The little cow

If you are looking to go wild without having to dress on the red carpet, The little cow Is the play.

Loud music, cheap drinks, no dress code. If La Santa is Dom Perignon, La Vaquita is a shot of beer alcohol straight from the bottle. Both can be satisfying, depending on just what type of night you are looking for.


A true religious experience. The club features cathedral-style architecture so you can atone for all your sins during the night in one of PV’s most exclusive clubs.S.

One reviewer accurately compared the world-class lighting atmosphere to the famous Las Vegas artist while others praised the club for its exceptional service and diligent staff.

The club has a dress code – no flip flops or shorts – but it’s a small price to pay for what is guaranteed to be an evening to remember. Or forget. They both have their advantages.

Strana has a high demand so be strict Order your table.

Check out ours Puerto Vallarta’s Ultimate Nightclub Guide For more recommendations and information on club deals.


After hours of food joints

PEPE’s taco

Pepe’s is ideal because not only is it delicious Mexican food, not only is it open until 6 in the morning, but its central location makes it easy to get to almost anywhere in Puerto Vallarta.

They make the guacamole at home and tell that the pork sandwich made some tourists find God.

These tacos will be $ 9 each in New York. Viva la Mexico.

Cheap cooking

Authentic local food and one of the only places in Puerto Vallarta open 24 hours.

Honest people who serve home-made family recipes. The posola and macha are a favorite of the fans and the various salsas will delight your palate, no matter how many cocktails you consumed that night.

We called this place “Hidden gem“For some reason.


You can always know which are the best places in the area by asking locals. Mendoza is a local favorite thanks to the authentic salsa bar and the cheap street taco.

Priest, Cranza, Asada, Lingua. They do everything and the food is too delicious for your drunk.

Check out our full list of Amazing places to eat after hours of activity in Puerto Vallarta.

Next day a hangover cure

“The remedy for everything is salt water: sweat, tears or sea.”

-Isk services

Las Gamles Beach. Beach of the Dead. Los Camerons Beach. You’re in Puerto Vallarta, get in the water!

Or crush some pusula, sip Michelda, or as a last resort, connect yourself to IV.

Check out ours Top 10 Ways to Cure Hangover in Puerto Vallarta.


Congratulations, you are now well equipped to host an unforgettable birthday in Puerto Vallarta. Follow this roadmap and thank us later. Or you can go to Vegas and stand in line at some club with $ 80 coverage. Your conversation, Chief.


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