Wisin Y Yandel at Mentirosa Thursdays at LIV

Visin, Mark Anthony Windel

Miami Beach, Florida – December 2, 2021 – Wisin Windle take over Haim For one of the most epic Mantirosa Thursdays we’ve ever seen! The audience went crazy when they started their show approx Mark Anthony, Prince Royce, William Levy, Camilla Rabbit, And Gencarlos Everyone was spotted in the VIP section celebrating the release of Wisin Y Yandel’s new album ‘RECORDAR’.

0 1 marc anthony wisin2 new

Mark Anthony Wisin

0 3 yandel wisin8 new

Indel Wisin

0 3b cj2 new


0 4 anuel3 new


0 4a marc anthony cj1 new

Mark Anthony & CJ

0 4b img 5882 new

Wisin, Kirk Taboada, and DJ Mario Duran

0 4b prince royce yandel14 new

Prince Royce Windle

0 4c marc anthony purple mario duran wisin kirk taboada5 new

Mark Anthony, Purple, DJ Mario Duran, Wisin, & Kirk Taboada

0 4d purple walter kohn4 new

Purple Walter Colem

0 5 yordenis ugas rasiel reyes jencarlos angel sanchez7 new

Yordenis Ugas, Rasiel Reyes, Jencarlos, & Angel Sanchez

0 6 rasiel reyes wisin yandel kirk taboada angel sanchez3 new

Racial Rice, Indel, Wisin, Kirk Tabouada and Angel Sanchez

0 7 walter kolm gabby herrera david grutman prince royce kirk4 new

Walter Colem, Gabi Herrera, David Grottman, Prince Royce and Kirk Tabouada

0 8 bruna marquezine camila coelho purple leo fuchs dafne evangelista friends6 new

Bruna Marquez, Camila Coelho, Purple, Leo Fox and Daphne Evangelista

0 9 wisin y yandel performing14 new

Wisin Windle

1 wisin y yandel performing24 new 2 wisin y yandel performing56 new 3 wisin y yandel performing314 new

4 wisin y yandel performing91 new

Wisin Windle

5 wisin y yandel performing424 new

Indel Wisin

5 1 wisin y yandel performing661 new

Indel Wisin

7 wisin y yandel performing523 new

Wisin Windle

8 wisin y yandel performing892 new

Indel Wisin

9 img 4368 new 10 img 4213 new

11 camila coelho dafne evangelista5 new

Camila Coelho and Daphne Evangelista

12 img 4329 new

13 priscila sales bruna marquezine3 new 1

Priscila Sales & Bruna Marquezine

14 luna star jamezz abella danger1 new

Luna Star, Jams and mourning danger

16 luna star abellla danger8 new

Luna Star and mourning danger

17 img 4315 new

DJ Mario Duran

18 img 4230 new 19 img 5282 new

20 rasiel reyes william levy anyelo ovi angel sanchez3 new

Racial Rice, William Levy, Anilo RR, Obi and Angel Sanchez

21 img 4248 new

22 wisin y yandel performing966 new

Wisin Windle


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