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Regent's Cocktail Club

Regent’s Cocktail Club

In the past, it was not always easy to get refined drinks for St. Patrick’s Day. Recently, however, bartenders across the country are mixing creative cocktails using Irish whiskey in addition to serving classic Irish coffee adaptations and using old recipes to evoke new and fun potions. This coming March, they raised a glass to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, with one of the following delicious creations.

ignore, The flashlight guard, New York City

One of Midtown Manhattan’s most sophisticated cocktail dens, Lantern’s Keep is a little secret, hidden from the street at the back of Forbes’ recommended tour guide The Iroquois New York. Book a fancy seat and sit back to savor the overlock, a dish created by bartender Matthew Hollen. Irish Whiskey 12 Year Old Knappogue Castle mixed with a liqueur used as Apry, Blanc Vermouth and Angostura Bitter. Served on ice with a twist of lemon, this cocktail showcases the prominent tropical fruit flavors of the whiskey.



Cashel’s Rock, Lion, New York City

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the beverage manager of Crown Group Hospitality, Ben Skora, created a cocktail named after the famous historic site in Southern Typhe, Ireland – The Rock of Cashel. Tullamore Dew Phoenix Irish whiskey is stirred with campari, said Montenegro sweet vermouth, and served on one large ice cube in a glass of crystal rocks and garnished with orange zest.

Smoked espresso “Stout”, persimmon, Bristol, Rhode Island

The persimmon cocktail program matches the sophisticated quality of Chef Shamp Speidel’s meal. For the Irish holiday, barmaid Katie O’Donnell wanted to make a complex drink that would go well with chocolate desserts. The smoked espresso “Stout” features a fresh shot of vigorously shaken espresso with smoked sugar syrup and dry black lager. Stretched into a Collins cup, once positioned, it resembles a pint of Guinness. While many Irish-inspired dessert drinks rely on whiskey coffee, this blend moves in a different direction.

Irish Classic Coffee, Regent’s Cocktail Club, Miami

A night out in Miami may require a little liquid energy. The Regent Cocktail Club at Gale Hotel South Beach serves classic Irish coffee with 12-year-old Irish Jameson whiskey, brown sugar and fresh coffee coated in a light whipped cream. Toast St. Patrick’s Day with one of the most iconic (and most served) drinks using the smooth flavors of Irish whiskey.

Westport, Grace, New York City

Grace, named after Irish “Pirate Queen” Grace O’Malley, has a cocktail menu created exclusively by leading mixologists in New York. There are several beneficiaries to Ireland on the list, including Westport, a creation of barmaid Jane Elkins. It’s a combination of Bushmills’ Irish Black Bush whiskey, Vermouth di Torino cookie, egg, Demerara syrup, port ruby, grated nutmeg and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Photos courtesy Regent and the Lion’s Cocktail Club


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