Where to Booze It Up for Dine L.A.

Chef Jose Anders' cocktails dine in Los Angeles
If you’re like me, you decide which restaurant you go to according to the best cocktail program they have. No? Only me? Okay, I flipped through the long list of participants Dine at restaurants in Los Angeles, 430 to be exact, to choose those who happen to have a great bar plan in place. And sure enough, the point of dining in Los Angeles for many budget diners may not add to the total bill. But I think if you’re going to enjoy a nice dinner and save a few bucks, why not invest that cash in some good drinks?

Here are my personal favorites at Dine LA restaurants with cocktail shows worth checking out.

Eat Los Angeles restaurants with lethal cocktail plans

AOC: This restaurant by Susan Goyn and Caroline Stein is a restaurant for everything from food through wine to cocktails. You really can not go wrong with anything here. Start with a drink from beverage manager Christian Rulich and choose Vino to eat with your $ 59 4-course dinner. Drink Deal: $ 10 Green Goddess with a meal on the LA menu!

Blackcampo – Santa Monica: Dinner in Los Angeles here offers a choice of entree of Belcampo burger or steak item! Complete this sumptuous meat meal with a delicious cocktail created by bartender Josh Goldman. Maybe you should go for a whole cow and order this old-fashioned barbecue, which comes with beef garnish.

EP + LP: There is a club touch here with beautiful people in abundance but I love the food and cocktails. By the way, the brunch here is one of my favorites in Los Angeles with this amazing chicken (Jidori) and waffles (Hong Kong style).

Local restaurant: At Chef Nyesha Arrington’s Santa Monica Restaurant, come dine in Los Angeles chicken schnitzel with pino sherry and mushrooms and stay for bartender Adam Flamenbaum’s well-designed cocktails. My personal favorite is the Big Surprise – a beauty of Mazcal with English pepper drum, Gin Shiraz Bloody and Creme de Cacao.

Providence: Sure, the Los Angeles food menu at Chef Michael Chimrosti’s award-winning restaurant starts at $ 100 – a “deal” considering the regular tasting menu is $ 120. But you have the option to dive from the decadent deep end into the wine pairing menu for $ 160 (compared to the regular price of $ 170). Or just wet your whistle with one of the bartenders Zero Waste Cocktails by Kim Stoodle, Which present ingenious uses for kitchen scraps.

Redbird: To be honest, you do not need a restaurant week to convince you to dine at Redbird. It has all the things: atmosphere, the best hospitality, delicious food with produce from his garden. I even included it in the list of The best places for a first date. But the biggest motivating factor for me is the Good Shea Bar Show.

Red blue: Red alert: Vincenzo Marianella – formerly of Providence and Cup of Oro – made the new cocktail menu after the restaurant reopened after last month’s fire. His culinary cocktails, expertly mixed with Chef Samson’s delicious Italian dishes, will make you sing “O mio babino caro”. Do you want to be wasted? Order the Avati cocktail after dinner. It costs $ 20 but it’s an exciting combination of Chiffon Pork Rosovello, Mazcal, Braulio and Jerry Thomas Bitter.

under: Not only does Chef Samson’s Italian underground restaurant feature a dining menu in Los Angeles, but it has also released for the first time a new cocktail menu inspired by the city by bar manager Ramsey Musk. Think a Venetian cocktail made with Blanco tequila, Braulio saido, fortified, green Chartres, lime, eucalyptus and egg.

The Bazaar by Jose Anders: Good morning. The dining experience in LA at The Bazaar begins with a glass of welcome cava followed by an amazing variety of bites, that of course. And since you’re already confused with this $ 110 menu, you can equally indulge in “Ultimate Gin & Tonic” or Liquid Manhattan with a liquid cherry ball.

The replacement: This Israeli restaurant located on the ground floor of the fashionable Freehand Hotel is one of my favorite places for dinner in the city center, not only for the food but also for the cocktails. Their drinks included fun and interesting ingredients like pickles and gastronomy, kefir and mango watermelon.


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