What to Expect from Belgrade Serbia? Unknown and Unexplored!

What to expect from Belgrade Serbia? Google these words: Devils Town, Belgrade Dorcol, Savamala, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Tara National Park, Belgrade Nightlife. Once some photos and information have popped up, return to this article. We’re just about to share some interesting facts.

What to expect from Belgrade

What to expect from Belgrade

Unknown and unexplored

For those looking for non-super commercial places then Serbia, Albania and Bosnia should be your route. These 3 countries have recently been left behind by the major media outlets in Europe. But that does not mean they have no adventure to offer. Quite the opposite actually. If you have never visited the Balkans this is the right time. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is off to a good start. Crash in the Savamala hipster area. Discover Belgrade clubs and flea markets. Rent a bike and go on a super cool trip through Belgrade. All the way from the Durkol area to Lake Ada and back.

What to expect

What to expect

What will surprise you?

What will surprise you is why there are no more tourists in this area. Second thing is the poor orderly public transportation. Illegal taxis in Belgrade are terrible. See Belgrade Taxi Article for easy access. People who dress well will shock you as well. One might think that Belgrade is a poor gray city from the Hollywood movie. But you will be surprised. Another thing is the Balkan girls. Especially the girls in Belgrade. They are super attractive. Do not fill yourself they are not easy at all. You will have to work hard to build a relationship with a girl from Belgrade.

How many days in Belgrade is enough?

At least 3 days. Do not stay less than that. What to expect from these 3 days? If you contact Belgrade at night, you’ll face the explosion. We will share all the hot information on where to go and what to do. You can apply us at any time.

What is Belgrade famous for?

Belgrade is famous for its River Summer Clubs. Those big nights. Climbing a table. Fireworks in clubs. It is a party city of Europe. Belgrade has recently become a home for digital nomads. Offers amazing jobs all over the city.

What to expect from the Serbs?

The people of Serbia went through a difficult period. Dinner I wonder what happens when a random person is stopped on the street and asked something. Like what time it is or where there is a gallery or museum in Belgrade. Super nice people! Most of the foreign reviews are that people are super friendly. Do a Google search for more interesting information.

The high and low season

The peak season is from May to the end of August. Even around New Year’s Eve. The low season is January and February. These two months are all super slow in Belgrade. People mostly flee from the city to the mountains. Some with deeper pockets go to some of the exotic destinations.

What to expect from the prices?

Apartment rental prices are pretty good. For about $ 500 you can get a one-bedroom apartment in the city center fully furnished. If you are lucky you will find 2 bedrooms at this price. Super tasty food in Belgrade restaurants Prices are between 5-10 euros per meal. Fast food in Belgrade will cost you 1-2 euros per meal. Nightclubs in Belgrade do not charge an entrance fee but the drinks are not cheap at all. For $ 2,000 you can live pretty well. For at least $ 3,000 you can live like a star. For 5,000 – $ 10,000 a month as a superstar. Can you live with dignity with $ 1,000 a month in Belgrade? Yes! You can! Although not a big and beautiful apartment. Food in markets and fast food more often than in restaurants. Fast food in Belgrade is pretty amazing!

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