Villa Azur’s 10th Year Anniversary

Michael Martin & Paul Breuza

Miami Beach, FL – April 1, 2022 – Villa Azur, Miami’s South of France-inspired culinary and entertainment destination known for its glitz and glamor, celebrated its 10 year anniversary on Friday, April 1. Known for offering patrons a unique experience that combines dining, entertainment, music and art all in one distinct space , Villa Azur’s 10th anniversary was no different. Villa Azur unveiled its curtains to all white revelry and presented an impressive lineup of rich entertainment with innovative artistic productions and unique experiences.

The monumental 10th Anniversary edition of the party featured incredible live music, beats by DJ Iriestunning visuals, aerialist choreography and immersive experiences with Perrier-Jouët’s intricate, floral champagnes flowing throughout the night, and so much more. Guests were encouraged to come in their best all white ensemble.

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Michael Martin, Paul Breuza, & Jean-Philippe Bernard

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Paul Breuza, Michael Martin, & Jean-Philippe Bernard

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Michael Martin, Paul Breuza, & Jean-Philippe Bernard

9 1 chef carlos torres michael martin2

Chef Carlos Torres, Michael Martin, Paul Breuza, & Jean-Philippe Bernard

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Catalina Carracedo

16 dj irie jean philippe bernard3

DJ Irie & Jean-Philippe Bernard

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20 dj irie jean philippe bernard22

DJ Irie & Jean-Philippe Bernard

21 dj irie jean philippe bernard42

22 dj irie31

DJ Irie

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DJ Stephen M

24 dj irie dj stephen m5

DJ Irie & DJ Stephen M

25 paul breuza michael martin friend3

Paul Breuza & Michael Martin

26 francois frossard jean phillippe bernard paul breuza barthelemy lemoine eric mastantuono1

Francois Frossard, Jean-Phillippe Bernard, Paul Breuza, Barthelemy Lemoine, & Eric Mastantuono

27 francois frossard jean phillippe bernard paul breuza3

Francois Frossard, Jean-Phillippe Bernard, & Paul Breuza

28 catalina carracedo paul breuza friend1

Catalina Carracedo & Paul Breuza

29 172a0590

Catalina Carracedo

30 britt roberts blake bauer2

Britt Roberts & Blake Bauer

31 chabely cuba ane gonzalez2

Chabely Cuba & Ane Gonzalez

32 britt roberts dr sharon macivor demaria blake bauer2

Britt Roberts, Sharon MacIvor-DeMaria, & Blake Bauer

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Paul Breuza, Catalina Carracedo, & Jean-Phillippe Bernard

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45 tanya haddad aleksandra rabbani5

Tanya Haddad & Aleksandra Rabbani

46 shauna denis claudiane tremblay2

Shauna Denis & Claudiane Tremblay

47 172a0727

48 rosangela souza gustavo serpa5

Rosangela Souza & Gustavo Serpa

49 isha cudjoe scheneca sardine9

Isha Cudjoe & Scheneca Sardine

50 france margaret shauna denis patricia brissette luma saman claudiane tremblay4

France Margaret, Shauna Denis, Patricia Brissette, Luma Saman, & Claudiane Tremblay

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Paul Breuza

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58 elias patasalon vanessa lermer2

Vanessa Lerner

59 edi lopes alessandra machado2

Edi Lopes & Alessandra Machado

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