Tiki Night Series Returns to Hollywood’s Spare Room

Blue Tiki Night Spare Room by Caroline at Crack

Tiki’s night series kicks off in the spare room of the Hollywood Roosevelt.

The tiki game is very strong this year in Hollywood Roosevelt spare room. In anticipation of the sixth season of Tiki’s annual night series “Tiki’s Evening”, the star cast of the guest bartenders will come for visits like “The best bar in the world“Dead Rabbit and Seattle by Navy Strength and bring their unique tics on the tiki style.

But starting the series this coming Wednesday, May 17, is star bartender Micha Melton from “The Bird” in Chicago. You know, The best bar in the world Created by the gastronomic molecular magic maker Chef Grant Ahatz. Melton was a eater Young gun And on Forbes Under the age of 30 And of wine lovers Top 40 under 40s Lists. With this type of pedigree, you know tiki cocktails are going to be the next step, and wow the stories on Instagram you can tell. Think: Molecular Tiki! There is no better way to start a summer of fun. Just make sure to wear the best and most colorful tiki attire to join in the festivities. This is not a requirement but it should be.

If for some reason you did not go before, you missed PD MiH (NYC) of PDT, Paul McGee of Lost Lake (Chicago), and Eric Castro of Polite Provisions (San Diego) who stunned the tiki-elephants with their tropical creations. Some bartenders even brought tiki cups for their own collectibles for purchase! “Tiki’s Evening” Tiki nights usually appeal to the Los Angeles cocktail community in droves, so you should get there early.

The composition of Tiki’s night series

  • June 15: Trailer Happiness’ Sly Augustin, William Pineapple, Erik Holmberg (London)
  • July 12: Chad Austin of Butler Tiki, Tony Martinez (Palm Springs)
  • August 9: Navy Strength (Seattle) and I Chris Alford
  • September 6: Gillian Wes of Dead Rabbit and Jessica Friedman (New York)

Event: Wednesday, May 17 from 9:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Tiki Exchange Room Evening Tiki's Calendar

The specific room on the mezzanine floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt
7000 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028 (from here)
Reservations: (323) 769-7296, reservations@spareroomhollywood.com


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