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Liberty Distillery

This is a good time to be thirsty in the Northwest Pacific. Craft distilleries, which brew small groups of liquor with locally grown ingredients, have opened all over the area. A beginner’s guide to sipping and tasting Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, Keep reading – then lift your pussy.


Vancouver has adopted the artificial refining movement this year. Thanks to recent changes in the alcohol laws of British Columbia, several small distilleries have already opened their doors, with more from the barrel for 2014. Long table distillery Was the first of these brewers in town to produce both gin and vodka in his copper pot. Stop by the Gin & Tonic Happy Hour tasting room on Friday, with snacks from a rotating staff of visiting food trucks.

On the island of Granville, Liberty Distillery Emphasizing local ingredients, they produce their true vodka from BC-grown wheat and Railspur # 1 white whiskey # 1 from BC organic barley. Visitors are invited for tours and tastings. Still thirsty? Taste the handmade vodka at Yeltown Refinery Company Or head east to Vancouver to try East Van Vodka at Strange social winds. And despite My son is a Vancouver distillery Not officially scheduled to launch by the end of the year, it will join the said companies in BC Refined, The leading micro-distillery festival in the area, on May 10th.


Five Vietnamese-American brothers established Win Distillery, A Portland tasting room where you can sample unique Asian-style rice wine and spirits. producer Baijiu (Rice whiskey), sake-like mijiu, The first rice vodka produced in the US, their establishment is just one of the crops of alcohol brewers calling this city in Oregon home.


Distillery of house spirits

Another good place to start your sip tour is in the Portland neighborhood known as Love “The distillery line“, Where Vin and several other spirit producers reside. It was established in 2004, Distillery of house spirits Produces gin, malt whiskey and two varieties of aquavit (Krogstad Festlig and Krogstad Gamle), while in New Deal Distillery, You can taste their chocolate vodka, ginger liqueur and their other stimulating tips. B Oriental refining, Sampled the Portland Potato, Burnside Bourbon, and Below Deck Rums (coffee, ginger, silver and spices).

You’ll find that even more distilleries – and their tasting rooms – have opened all over the city over the past few years. In northwestern Portland, Bull Run Refinery Produces small portions of vodka, rum, gin and the popular Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon whiskey Clear Creek Distillery Becomes a fruit grown in Oregon to brandy (Brandy), grappa and liqueurs. With this rampant abundance throughout the City of Roses – and all over the Northwest Pacific – it’s clearly time to say, “Cheers!”


In Washington, a 2008 law paved the way for distilleries in small groups to set up stores across the state, and these days, drinkers in the Seattle area are enjoying the momentum of alcohol in the craft.

Among the unique flavors of the city, sampled the exceptional grape-based vodka b Glass distillery, The Rex Velvet Sinister Spirit (vodka that gets its pink hue from an organic beet) in Naughty Fremont And the herbaceous rosemary vodka in Evela Distillery On Capitol Hill. Newcomer Copper refining company Has already been praised for its aromatic Copperworks gin Sound winds, Which calls itself “Seattle’s first craft distillery since the ban,” also produces reputed spirits.

Don’t want to navigate the Seattle distillery scene alone? Sign up for a guided tour with Local craft tours. Visit some local producers (such as Fremont Mischief and Sound Spirits) with tastings, of course.

Photos courtesy of David Donaldson-Liberty Distillery and Jamie Francis-Travel Portland


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