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Going inside The angelsThe newest and hottest club, DBA, feels like the beginning of a stylish dream – or a hallucination. Players dressed in dystopian Victorian costumes travel through a space of 6,000 square feet, go-go dancers show off their moves on tables and a space-like creature whose helmet is lit by LED lights hovering over the dance floor.

It’s not Burning Man – it’s West Hollywood.

After opening, the night spot of the Los Angeles entertainment group, Cardiff Giant, began to welcome the stylish set of Hollywood to experience its provocative party atmosphere towards the end of last year. Its goal is to reinvent the nightlife of Los Angeles, and the DBA is on its way to doing just that. Abbreviation of “Doing Business As”, the dance club, the music hall and the interactive creative space is different from any other club in the city because it gets any identity that its guest curator decides, and a new curator takes over every three to five months.

Simon Hammerstein (grandson of the famous lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II) designed the current and original play he calls Esque, on the eve of a performance described as Cirque du Soleil Meets Eyes Wide Shut. Those who know may be familiar with the legendary Hammerstein theaters, The Box in New York and The Box Soho in London. He then managed to open The Act in Dubai, as well as produce the interactive theater experience, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 In New York. For Esque, he had complete control over the design of the space, the stage, the set and costume designs, in addition to the showcase of a showcase that teases what celebrants will eventually find inside.

Once you make arrangements, you will be shown to your table, where you can mix drinks and wait for your night to begin. Performances may begin with a futuristic waltz on the dance floor in front of you, followed by a polite cabaret show; But do not turn away because you do not want to miss the moment when a nymph emerges riding a Salvador Dali-style elephant walking on stilts and wearing a Venetian carnival mask.

The promotions are very interactive: they will compliment you, dance with you and surprise you from behind, gently tilt your head back and throw a coconut-flavored shot down your throat (leave your inhibitions out on Santa Monica Avenue).

For those who are open to it, there is an impact that all the performance, revelry and bottle service (to be honest) has on the audience, as the night is pushed into the wee hours of the morning – or at least until 2am – invisible boundaries between course tables and everyone pushes towards the dance floor. Who are you dancing to or what kind of music is vibrating in space. You just give in to the ashes and the night, and maybe the crowd of rainbow-colored octopuses gliding over your head.

Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, Silo Green, Miley Cyrus or a runner with the famous entourages that frequent the space, you’ll want to book a place at DBA’s Website. The table service starts at $ 1,500 and gives you an excellent vantage point for tonight’s play. However, if you show up and are considered worthy of entry, there is a chance you can cross the velvet rope and enjoy drinks from the bar.

Photo courtesy of Maggie West


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