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Linden Room, Photo credit: Nightbird Restaurant

The latest madness San FranciscoThe nightlife scene in the storm is enjoyable. While you may be scratching your head at the thought of a bar – with a different name, unique design and stand-alone menu – within a different bar, we understand why this new variety of irrigation pit works.

Thanks to the ban, secret clubs, hidden libraries and private back rooms have become a big part of the restaurant and alcohol industry. If you wanted a good drink, you had to get to know someone. Although alcohol became widely available after the abolition, the temptation of a lesser-known, more exclusive covert bar never really faded.

Today’s entrepreneurs understand that what people want, especially San Francisco residents are versed in drinking and dining out every evening, it’s an unparalleled experience they can not get anywhere else. The locals are thirsty for sexy hot spots that they can share with their followers on Instagram. If the said target happens to be also semi-concealed inside another bar, even better.

The trend started in the Gulf region back in late 2009, then The hideout Badlava opens. Dalva is an old dive bar in Mission County with a standard menu and a somewhat hazy crowd. However, as you walk through the bar towards the back, you will reach an intimate room and a mood where some of the most sought after mixologists in the city throw handmade cocktails.

Most fundamentally, the bar-within-a-bar concept is simply a marketing plan. But as the cluttered hideout always proves, it’s ingenious.

Similar to The Hideout, the following five places invite you to consume shiny drinks in sophisticated yet modest spaces that you can easily pass by if you were not paying attention.


Of Marian, Photo credit: Sima Hamid

Of Marian The Cavalier opened in 2014 as a club and event space for members only. However, in the summer of 2016, the big night restaurant group turned the back room into a bar within a restaurant. Marianne’s is named after Marianne Faithpool, a British rock star from the 60s and a one-time friend of Mick Jagger.

With large stalls, cozy sofas and plenty inspired by the 60s and 70s Accessories, Space feels more like a lounge than anything else. It’s a sensational place to treat and an even better place for a drink and a snack. Chef Jennifer Puccio prepares delicious pork sausage rolls, pork and cheese sandwiches with citrus hollandaise sauce and one of the best $ 12 burgers you will ever eat.

Louis’s General Room
Louie’s Gen-Gen Room is the popular bar downstairs Yuliahu Yacht Club. Like most other hidden bars, it opened some time after its well-established host restaurant. The ceiling and bar are painted ocean blue and the long bar is white marble.

Liholiho’s staff refers to the space for invitation only as a “cocktail party at a friend’s house.” This shindig is powered by a culinary selection different from the items served above. The satisfying snacks – we’re talking about quilted pigs with homemade spam, poppy hamachi with octo puffs and Brussels sprout seaweed salad – reflect Chef Ravi Kapur’s Hawaiian heritage.

Order either with a coconut milk-driven drink and imagine yourself on an island.


Excess proof, Image Credit: Over Proof

Excess proof
Excess proof Is another place where food plays an important role in the experience. It is located on the small second floor of ABV Bar in Mission. Over Proof is a seasonally changing pop-up bar with four different concepts that emphasize one type of liquor and the food that best blends with it.

His current, and first, incarnation is Flip-Flop, a rum bar with a tasting menu of spectacular dishes naturally combined with island-inspired bites. The menu is not for the faint of heart, as it features five regular-sized cocktails.

The Pink Flamingo is a refreshing and well-balanced drink made from rum, lime, pineapple gum and absinthe. (All ingredients are made at home by the Over Proof team.) Although each pour is paired with a significant portion – in the case of Pink Flamingo, it’s a delicious coconut shrimp ceviche – we do not recommend signing up for any early morning workouts the next day.

Linden Room
Nightbird is an elegant tasting menu restaurant by chef Kim Alter. Adjacent to the 36-seat eatery is the Linden Room, a bar jewelry box with cocktails created by Ron Boyd and Andrew Majult. The space is minimal but jumps with Art Deco style accents.

There are two sides to his menu: seasonal drinks and alcoholic stews. With only six seats in the entire bar, getting a seat is based almost exclusively on luck. (You can also leave your name with the bartender, and he will call you when a place opens.) The waiting factor only adds to the mystique of the pleasant address.

The redwood
Even a big-name talk like Tyler Florence has entered the trend. Last month he opened The Sequoia, a bar on the fourth floor above his old restaurant Wayfare Tavern.

Savor a skylight view of the famous Transamerica Pyramid while sipping signature packages. The design, by Ken Folk, is reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club, so expect to see dark wood walkways, brown blown leather sofas and a leopard print rug.

And since it comes from Chef Florence, there is a short menu of food in the pub, including a shrimp cocktail, devil eggs, beef tartare, burgers and of course Wayfare’s famous fried chicken.


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