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The safe of Barclays Center

Although college kids usually get the most attention from basketball in March, there is quite a bit of wrestling going on in the NBA this month as well. The only difference is that competition at the professional levels has very little to do with slam and anything to do with tremors. Elegance inspired by Jay-Z b New York City For trendy digs in South Florida, places around the country do not pass up the opportunity to shower expensive hoops on hoop fans. Read on for a trio of places that have scored important points when it comes to luxury accommodation near the parquet.


Hyde Suite at American Airlines Arena

Hyde Suite, American Airlines Arena, Miami

When you’re twice defending world champions (and you happen to have the best basketball player on the planet, LeBron James, who dresses with your shirt on), ticket sales are not a big deal. In fact, the only real problem the Heat’s Home Office probably has these days is entertaining fans during competitions in which Miami Blown up by opponents. The Hyde Suite, an elegant AAA enclave just opened in January, may be the detour that discerning guests have longed for. With luxurious leather seats, a 42-inch flat-screen TV, a private server and a personal mixologist, there is plenty to flow at this hot spot besides the scoreboard. But even on the occasion that you and your team do not come to the game, well, watch the game, 18 stadium-style snake-skin seats with the Hyde logo sewn in gold are also part of the prestigious settings. The patrons of the suites also get entry to the Hyde Lounge, a place to cool off and sip cocktails during the game and look at Miami’s trendy set on the dance floor long after the action is over. (If you’re on the West Coast, the Hyde Lounge can also be found at the Staples Center of Los Angeles.) Available through a single ticket purchase ($ 250) or a full purchase ($ 12,500- $ 30,000, depending on date), Hyde Suite gives people who failed to beat King C ‘James in their wildest dreams a real chance to feel like Blair.

A game not to be missed: Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks, April 6th

The Safe, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

The once-fallen Brooklyn Nets opened a new page in 2014, winning 24 of 34 competitions since Jan. 1. While things have changed for the better in the group rankings, but one area of ​​the franchise remains constant throughout it. – The prestigious experience of The Vault. The Barclays Center’s elite playground consists of 11 suites and a lounge on a quiet event floor, is the coolest type of place you would imagine hot photos of corporations and celebrities from the list, like Beyoncé having fun during a game – and it makes sense if Bay’s ex-husband / investor / investor Nets Jay-Z is the man who actually got the place. To fully pour out the atmosphere of exclusivity, the excavations are covered in super comfortable seating, flat-screen screens, private concierges and the mesmerizing champagne bar Armand de Brignac with a wall of gold bottles stacked side by side in a majestic way. The $ 675,000 annual price tag for one suite allows you to get your hands on all of these luxurious extras, as well as gain access to eight people per Barclays Center calendar event. Of course, after the initial shock of the suite’s sticker has dissipated, you need to ask yourself if you can really put a price tag on life in the world of Hoba for a few hours.

A game not to be missed: Brooklyn Nets vs. Houston Rockets, April 1st

The theater boxes of the Oracle Arena

The theater boxes of the Oracle Arena

Intermediate Club, Oracle Arena, Auckland, California

Without a doubt the league’s most exciting young team, the Golden State Warriors are expected to dazzle deep into the NBA playoffs this season. To divert some of the attention from the pitch and to the other Oracle Arena services, officials had to do something to change the game, so they invented the Mezzanine Club’s super sleek theater boxes, a beautiful address that is partly paradise and partly a luxurious lounge. With hardwood in every corner, leather seating, iPads in the suite and all the beer and wine you can handle, the place feels like a friends-only club that you will only hear about from a friend of a friend in Global. The sumptuous finger food buffet, pastas and meat will feature pictures of a royal banquet. In addition to all this, Theater Box guests ($ 110,000 per season for four seats per arena event) also get access to the Courtside and Sideline clubs, two more sections of the Oracle Arena with good food and great action views. Combine all of these great additions with the nightly show put on by Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala and start seeing why Golden State fans are on Cloud Nine these days.

A game not to be missed: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, March 22nd

Photos courtesy of Bruce Demota, American Airlines Arena and Golden State Warriors


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