The Best Pregame Spots in Puerto Vallarta According to Local Partiers

The foreplay. This is a critical ingredient for any epic night. But in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s leading party destination, the foreplay is a celebration of its own not to be missed.

PV nightlife Gurus before the game explore every nook and cranny of our beautiful city to bring you the best places to sip, sip and toil while the night is still young.

Mexican party culture goes deep in Puerto Vallarta, meaning the night light does not turn on until after 11pm.

Sure, you can empty this expensive minibar at your hotel or stop at the OXXO or Kiosko convenience store to grab a few bottles and play in advance in your hotel room, but that does not live up to the party dream of Puerto Vallarta in full.

Our list of the best places before the game in Puerto Vallarta has provided you no matter what you are looking for: amazing restaurants, gay-friendly cocktail bars, trendy lounges, great happy hours and more.

Get ready, because all veteran night soldiers know that foreplay is just as important as the game itself!

Dinner and drinks

Joe Jacks

Get the mojo flowing for the night ahead with a 2 × 1 mojito per hour Joe Jack’s Fish Hut Every day of the week when the Happy Hour of 7 hours runs daily between the hours of 12: 00-19: 00.

One of the most popular restaurants for locals and tourists alike, this is a great place for a leisurely dinner and pre-fatal night drink in Puerto Vallarta.

The dish not to be missed? Take one of their famous cheeseburgers with bacon for some safe fire Preventing a hangover For next day.

Place: Basilio in Edilo 212

Time (s): 12:00 to 23:00 daily

Don Chava Taqueria Cantina

Don Chava Taqueria Cantina

Don Chava Taqueria Cantina In the old town Puerto Vallarta is a fun and relaxing place for good friends, good food and good drinks – perfect for early games or Action after a game.

Tacos, tequila and beer are the specialty, with large screens catching a game before departure.

Take some Taco Pastor and one of their amazing specialty margaritas … We love the Picante Margarita with Don Julio Blanco, Serrano Chili and Agba, as well as the Mezcal Margarita with Mezcal Union, Cointreau and Persian Lime Juice.

Place: Lazaro Cardens 288

Time (s): Wednesday to Monday, 5:30 to 1 p.m.

Bonito Kitchen

Bonito Kitchen

Bonito Kitchen Is our secret and incessant hotspot for vicious cocktails and the best Asian fusion food in Puerto Vallarta.

Bonito Kitchen is gently located in the Gaviotas neighborhood less than one mile from the nightclubs of the Puerto Vallarta hotel area.

A funky and relaxed space that brings Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese flavors to Valaretta, Bonito also mixes some of the best cocktails in the city.

If you like classic cocktails with a twist, this is your jam.

Place: From Los Tules 325, Gardens of Las Gaviotas

Time (s): Tuesday to Friday, 17:00 to 22:30, Saturday, 13:00 to 22:30

Alquimista Cocktail Room

This cool space feels like an urban speck with a steampunk style, and has a vintage-hipster playlist to set the mood.

Alquimista Cocktail Room Focuses on taking the classic Vegas-style Rat Pack cocktails and updating them with fresh, local ingredients, bringing a modern Mexican twist to classic mixology.

Perfect pre-game location for Nuevo Vallarta, the kitchen features a small and excellent menu of starters and entrees featuring fresh Benders Bay seafood and other updated Mexican dishes.

Place: Tepic 1480, Nuevo Vallarta

Time (s): Monday to Sunday, 14:00 to 02:00

Traditional La Federal cuisine

Traditional La Federal cuisine

A hot spot in the fashionable Marina and Larta district, Federal Is a fashionable lookout over the traditional Mexican canteen.

A great menu of up-to-date traditional Mexican dishes prepares you for a long night of partying in Vallarta.

Prepare your camera, because La Federal’s cocktails are worthy of Insta.

Your drink can come with anything from a traditional Mezcal presentation to a small botanical garden – the presentation is always a sight to behold.

Place: Paseo de la Marina 121

Time (s): Sunday to Wednesday, 12:00 to midnight, Thursday to Saturday, 12:00 to 02:00

Happy hour

Signature Lounge and Skybar at Residences

Located at Pinnacle Resorts in the Old Town, take your choice of locations and decide for yourself what is the best Happy Hour in Puerto Vallarta: or the beautiful The lobby bar of the Signature Lounge or upstairs in the SkyBar at Residences.

Both offer stunning sunset views and both feature locals’ favorite Happy Hour – all cocktails, beers, top-shelf alcohol and 2×1 wine!

Place: Pulpito 180 and 182

Happy hour: 530pm to 730pm or 6pm to 8pm depending on the season

Pub brewery

Los Mortos Beer Company

Los Mortos Beer Company

The first brewery in Puerto Vallarta, Los Mortos Beer Company Has been making good beers and good times for over 7 years.

This beer pub in Puerto Vallarta includes Happy Hour Cerveza daily from 16:00 to 18:00 with all their craft beers at a discount of only 35 pesos: Mexican Ruby (light-bodied beer), El JefeWiezen (summer wheat beer), Anillo de Fuego (spicy wheat beer). ), Revenge (Hi-hops IPA), and the local favorite, Agba Maria (American-style amber).

An extra bonus? Los Muertos Brewing Company operates some of the best pizzas in town at particularly affordable prices, making it a pre-game winner.

Place: Lazaro Cardens 302

Time (s): Monday to Sunday, 11:00 to 12:00

Monsoon Brewing Co.

Monsoon Brewing Co.

Another amazing beer pub in Puerto Vallarta, Monsoon Brewing Co. There is literally a mission to “save you from a boring beer,” and she stays true to her word with some of the most creative art breweries in Mexico.

With a super relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and reasonably priced food menu, this is a great place to start a night out in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Place: Venustiano Carranza 239

Time (s): Every day from 11:00 to 22:00

A close party



Pre-game b genealogy Will cause the exit to the club to pass smoothly like tequila and lime.

The trendy open-air cocktail lounge is located next to one of the best nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, La Santa.

Dress to impress because this is where the beautiful people gather before they arrive at the club until dawn.

Place: Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2468

Time (s): Thursday to Saturday, 6pm to 2pm

La Madeleine

La Madeleine

Take dinner inside La Madeleine, One of Puerto Vallarta’s coolest restaurants conveniently located next to two of the hottest nightclubs, Strana and the Black Room.

Not only does this contemporary steakhouse feature indoor and outdoor seating and the largest TV screen in Puerto Vallarta for game viewing, but it has a wall-to-ceiling tequila wall that can be accessed using “tequila angels”.

If tequila is not your style, ask about the nightly cocktail selection, hand-mixed at the passenger bar cart table.

Place: Francisco Medina Ascencio 2025

Time (s): Daily from 13:00 to 02:00

Central Mixology

Bar La Playa

Bar La Playa

This tiny hidden gem, just steps from Los Mortos Beach, is one of the city’s best places for custom cocktails.

The amazing mixologist and owner / bartender Alex takes classic cocktails like Moscow Mules and Old Fashioneds and gives them a modern twist.

With an amazing and constantly changing selection of tequila, mezkel and ricilla recipes served with creative talent, every drink that comes out of it Bar La Playa He really deserves Instagram.

Be sure to hit up Alex for his late-night tips and hidden secrets … he’s an expert on Valaretta’s nightlife!

Place: Lazaro Cardans 179

Time (s): Monday to Saturday, 12:00 to 12:00

Budget friendly

Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey

Budget foreplay, Sea Monkey Are you covered in some of the cheapest drinks in town, 2×1 daily specials, beer buckets and a fantastic view of the ocean.

Even better, its location near Bar M and Mandela makes it easier to jump into clubs. This is the ultimate in a peso-friendly pre-club meeting in Puerto Vallarta.

Place: Achilles Sarden 174

Time (s): 10:00 to 930: 00 daily

Cerveceria Chapultepec Vallarta

Cerveceria Chapultepec Vallarta

First opened in Guadalajara in 2015, Cerveceria Chapultepec Has opened a number of locations across Mexico and has now brought this incredible location before the game to Puerto and Arte.

Her huge menu of Baja-California-inspired cuisine, American favorites, cocktails, beers and more can all be had for … wait for it … just 19 pesos each. This is true. Everything on the menu is 19 pesos.

To help you with math, it’s about $ 1 dollars. You can not beat it for an early budget for games! By the way, the fact that the prices are great does not mean that the room is not full of a lively (and sexy) crowd; Everyone loves the low prices and the great atmosphere here!

Place: Nuevo Vallarta 280 A Avenue (and will open soon in Valletta Marina)

Time (s): 13:00 to 02:00 daily

Party on, Party Smart

No matter how you pre-play in Puerto Vallarta, before you head out to enjoy an amazing evening of clubs in one of the best cities in the world for parties, make sure that part of your pre-match game plan is planning a safe night ahead.

Make a “nightly visit list” before you set off: a fully charged phone with ready-to-operate Uber, small taxi bills, and both a credit card and cash (credit cards are not acceptable in Puerto Vallarta as elsewhere).

Do not forget to register your accommodation address in case of forgetting cocktails.

The PV classics on the list of best places before the game in Puerto Vallarta are perfect for lounging, stressing, pampering and meeting someone special to take to the club.

Do not know at what point to hit first? Contact PV Nightlife today And we will help you arrange a pre-game pub tour for all your staff that ends at the VIP table yourself.


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