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People enjoy the night in Chania, Crete, Image Credit: Krivinis / iStock

The atmosphere of Crete’s nightlife scene can be local, international or just touristy, depending on where you go.

You will almost always find a wild party in the crowded bars in the more touristy parts of the island, such as Bagia Gallini and Flakias. Or you can spend time listening to Cretan music at a Greek club in Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno. They all have clubs and bars that play international pop, Greek pop and traditional Cretan music.

In Heraklion, the bars and clubs around the main squares start to fill up after midnight, while the foreign party animals tend to revel in the resort towns of Heraklion Hersonissos and Melia.

Rethymno’s sophisticated nightlife is right in town on the old harbor, with a variety of bars and clubs on the beach also by the sea. The locals like to just go for a walk in their beautiful city Chania, where after the walk you can have a drink in the many bars and clubs centered in the old town.


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