The BEST Car Wash in Belgrade! Serbia! All you need to know!

If you live in the center of Belgrade you can wash your car in the Dorkol area. If you are based in New Belgrade you can do it almost anywhere. Washing cars in Belgrade is very easy! Car wash locations in Belgrade are divided into:

– Washing cars in the neighborhood

Pro service

Driving a car wash

Car washing in the neighborhood

Car wash in the neighborhood (low budget), car wash in the neighborhood (medium budget), car wash in the neighborhood (Lux).

Almost every neighborhood out there has its own car wash, but downtown is a little harder to find. Small streets with narrow parking spaces caused car wash companies to leave the city center. How to identify which one is Budget and which one is Lux. Besides a difference of about 20% in price you can know by your life experience. You can identify by cars waiting to finish. If you see average cars then it’s pretty mediocre or average budget. If you see epic rides parked in line waiting for their turn then you know it’s an upscale place. Is there a difference between a budget and a look? Oh yes! There is a big difference. If you are a person who goes into details then you will notice a difference for sure.

Belgrade hood

Belgrade hood

Pro service

Pro service are places where you can wash your car while you drink a cup of coffee in their indoor or outdoor space. Most of these places also offer food. Prices are more or less the same as in car wash places in the neighborhood. The difference is that Pro Service locations are not so customized. They will not ask you for your name or even be kind of friends with you. As they would do in the neighborhood. They will make you the car and return the key to you. Super easy to walk.

WASH vehicle in Belgrade Serbia

Car wash in Belgrade Serbia / PRO

Car wash driving through

To wash Drive Through cars in Belgrade? Is it safe? Is it worth it?

This type of car wash is for people in a hurry. Yep, you will get your car clean and it is completely safe. But do not do everything in detail as you would when it was done by hand. Hand Job is the ultimate!

Take the WASH car in Belgrade

Take the WASH car in Belgrade

How much does a car wash in Belgrade cost?

Prices are pretty good compared to other western countries in Europe. You can make your car between 3 – 15 euros. bark. Indeed quite good!

Is it safe to leave the key and wash a car in Belgrade?

Yes it is completely safe! As in any other country out there, we suggest you bring your money and phone with you as soon as you leave your car.

Do car wash workers in Belgrade speak English?

Definitely! You will have no problem explaining what you want. Do not expect professors of English literature please. You will be in good hands.

While in Belgrade! Do not forget to check out shopping in Belgrade and popular Belgrade clubs.

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