Thai Sideline Girls Hook Up With Sugar Daddies

Most foreigners do not understand the term “side line”.

Party girls do not operate from a bar or a regular business location, so the business is mysterious.

But you should check out the Thai side lines because this is the best option for foreigners who want to hook up with beautiful Thai girls for the best sex in Thailand.

And the good news is that the number of Thai girls working in Bangkok has risen by more than 50% in 2021 after the onset of the epidemic.

What is a party girl?

Thai guys call the girls “versatile” or “thin side” (เด็ก ไซ ด์ ไลน์) to indicate that the girls want to make some money “on the side”.

The name implies that the girl has another activity, which usually means she is a student and not working in the sex industry full time.

Sidelines Girls are ordinary Thai girls. Most of them look fresh, and are young and thin.

Most of the Sidelines are real students. They have goals to graduate and get a regular job after graduating from university. Most of them are amazing and need someone to take care of their basic expenses so that they do not beg their parents for money.

You should know that all the girls who promote themselves as a Thai party on the internet are not always female students. Some are office girls and also want extra money to buy the latest smartphone. But you have time to work in a massage parlor. Or do not want to ‘lower’ themselves to work at the bar.

The irony of Thailand is that these girls can prostitute behind closed doors, but they do not want to be seen in public and drinking with a client.

What is not a party girl?

Thai wild girls and independent Thai are No On the girls side.

Hard prostitutes who work for escort agencies or massage parlors with soap are No Girls aside.

Most prostitutes of this type have never graduated from high school and could not even enter a Thai university.

Comparison between a wild girl and a party girl

If you want to have paid sex in Bangkok, you can find other places, but there are differences in service, quality and experience.

You can do that with Bergirl Meisan, who knows too much, speaks English too well, and has no friendly attitude.

BarGirls Street2 1 edited 1
Wild girls chase after a customer in a soy cowboy

You can pick up a freelancer at Insanity or even pick up the hottest whore from Rainbow Banana Plaza.

You can even work hard to shock a soapy massage girl who functions like a robot, and takes five shots a day.

Alternatively, and you use modern technology to order a Thai escort from Smooci, easy and clean, but then it’s a dinner of good luck. The girls usually do not look like the pictures posted on the internet. Older, fatter, darker.

Most Thai guys want to take a girl on the sidelines because she does not work on the streets. She has no wild girl mentality.

And for Thailand’s new side sex industry, it’s never been easier to jump into bed with beautiful young Thai girls.

Thai side line girls prefer Thai guys

You should know this will be a challenge because most of the girls on the side have never been with Farang before.

Girls on the side do not like stingy guys because most of the local Thai guys are usually more generous than fringes. And a lot of rich Thai guys have supercars!

Sexy Thai girl on a Porsche car
A beautiful moonlight exhibition at Sideline for a wealthy Thai business owner

Thai sponsors support this niche of the sex industry: big guys, big money.

So there is a high cost to enter this world, but again, it will be worth every dollar you spend.

You’ll get an intelligent young babe, not worry about “sloppy seconds” – some guys she knocked in front of you at the massage parlor with the soap.

So this is definitely an option that deserves a closer look.


If the cost issue does not scare you, and you are willing to pay to play, keep reading, and maybe you’re Bangkok’s next playboy “Sugar Daddy”.

sugar daddy3
Ha Hefner was one lucky cat, the most famous Daddy sugar.

The good news is that for Quickie, you can order a girl from the side for 1,000 THB – 1,500 THB per hour, and then only if she’s super sexy.

And depending on how much you can offer, you can even make a deal to make them your company.

It will cost 10,000-20,000 per month for an exclusive service (e.g., a contract to be your company full time).

You have to agree with the girl. Explain what you expect in return for a certain number of visits per week, bed rest, etc.

And even though they will not live with you, it’s far less than the other bar-fine girls’ options every night from a visit to Nana Plaza.

Everyone has needs and can help each other. Going out with a Thai university several times a week is definitely a better option than developing a potentially toxic relationship with a wild girl.

As many of the divorcees experienced the hard way, “You can get the girl out of the bar but you can never get the bar out of the girl.”

It is easier to change a girl from the side because she is usually engaged in other activities. She needs some cash on hand to make her life happen.

Agents will find the hottest side lines

Some of the girls work independently as freelance agents.

Otherwise, she joins the agency, and the agent is usually one of its members.

escort job vacancies in delhi

When you contact the agent and tell her the specifications of the girl you want (e.g., tall, big tit, white skin, etc.), the agent will send you pictures of the available girls.

There are many white apps to change their skin color, smooth the skin or correct blemishes, so we recommend requesting a recently recorded video or even LIVE.

Some girls are shy or busy and do not want to spread their pictures in groups on LINE.

So you may have to take a risk.

You can ask the agent to send some girls to come to your hotel and then choose the hottest girl.

If you do not choose a girl, it is advisable to help the girl with the cost of the taxi ride back home.

Be generous because if you do not take girls from the same modeling agent multiple times, or if the girls talk about you negatively, the agent may not answer your calls next time.

There are agents who use a unique tactic to filter out the stingy guys. To see the pictures of the girls, they charge the customer 500 THB in advance. They will then send girls you have chosen to meet you at an agreed location.

Then, if you want to keep the girl, the agent collects the balance for the girl’s service, which you usually send them by bank transfer before the girl continues her business.

It’s not such a big risk, and to get the best girls, you will have to show strength (and confidence) by sending some money in advance.

There are many sites and telegram groups to help you find girls. The links are listed at the bottom of this article.

The best meeting places for a party affair

Every girl on the side has different rules about what she is above doing.

Thai girl in a short time loved hotel
A sexy versatile girl is waiting for you at a love hotel near her university

For example, some will allow you to come only to their room or to an apartment building assigned to them by the company or agent.

Others may be more flexible and willing to come to your place, or perhaps meet at a resort close to her school.

Usually, girls on the side do not want to drink, eat dinner or do drugs. They want to sleep with them and get through their day.

And if you need a girl from the side to travel for the night, some can and some can not. So be sure to ask.

If you need other special services, study their profile online, or ask the agent.

Invite a girl from the side to a “lesson”

If you are lucky, an agent sends female students from the side to see you directly from the classroom, and she will still wear a Thai university uniform.

Making an appointment is an easy job between classes in the late afternoon after class. Please understand that most girls from the side will not meet you after the sun goes down. They need time to spend with their friends.

Are you ready to undress and bang your first real Thai university girl, and introduce her to a customized English class after school?

A versatile girl loves a cozy hotel

Child-friendly hotels in Bangkok

*Image: X-IT Resort

There are many LOVE hotels in Bangkok specially designed for a short meeting with your Thai girl. Some have pools, hot tubs and sexy mirrors on the ceiling.

And after a date, if you and the girl on your side decide to continue the party all night, consider one of the perfect guest-friendly range of hotels for a long time.

Side girls are addicted to money

Most girls on the Thai side start working independently, just a few days a week.

Girls from the side are addicted to their Sugar Daddy lifestyle

But because of limited opportunities for women in Thailand, many of the girls become more active in the side field even after graduation. They are addicted to money and a relaxed lifestyle and continue to work until their 30s.

So do not worry, do not have to worry about your favorite girl on the side leaving you. Just like porn stars, some girls are addicted to attention, money and lifestyle.

Use the telegram to find side lines

telegram phone
Telegram is the best way to find and deliver messages to build a party


Sided Thailand: Link

Piao fans: Link

Sideline-TH: Link


Tiger Club Side Line: Link

Wonder Woman (WW): Link

Fairy698: Link

The Secret Agency: Link

Thai Model Club: Link

Amazing girl: Link

Princess group: Link

Girls help: Link

YD Club: Link

Super Girls: Link

141 girls: Link

Mamesan Group: Link

Internet sites

On the outskirts of Thailand

Fans Fiw



Tiger Club Side Line

YD Club

TH side line

You can use Google Translate or other apps and easily understand the girl’s involvement rules.

Avoid cheating on side lines

You need to beware of scams. Many times a girl’s agent will ask for full payment in advance. You transfer the money, and they block you or will never show up.

The surest way to make sure you never get torn is to follow this simple rule: message, meet and pay, in this order.

Common questions

A side girl in Thailand is an attractive young girl in Thailand who feeds herself part time. The Thai term dek sideline(เด็ก ไซ ด์ ไลน์) Indicates that the girls work at night in bars, or professionally in erotic massage parlors.

Instead, a girl from the side usually goes to university and with a few free hours in the afternoon to meet with a sponsor who is willing to take care of them in exchange for a sexual relationship.

There are thousands of party girls in every city in Thailand. You can find them online through websites and telegram groups.

The biggest sites are Thailand side and Fans Fiw.

The main goal of a girl from the side is to find someone to support the school, Sugar Daddy.

You can usually negotiate a fixed amount of 15,000 – 20,000 baht per month for a beautiful university girl to be your girlfriend, with full and unconditional options.


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