Spiked Treats to Cool off Your Summer Happy Hour

Rocket Fuel Shake At The Burger Joint

Craving for dessert but thirsty for an adult drink (and maybe even a shake of caffeine)? Burger Joint’s 8th Wonder Rocket Fuel Shake uses the brewery’s Vietnamese coffee porter as a base for a thick, white brick and is made with ice cream of your choice. 2703 Montrose Blvd. And 2002 N. Shepherd Dr.Joanna O’Leary

Daikiri In Frio To Go

With so many flavor combinations WesSpecial features on the menu, slow down and think about it: we were just blessed to live in a city that has such a thing as a Dykris run. Frio To Go is one of the few places in town that gives you a glass of soft good like the classic Daikiri of rum, lime and sugar (tightly sealed, of course) while you’re on your way home from the grocery store or work. 5405 TC Jester Blvd. And 24449 Katy Fwy., KatyTimothy Malcolm


Pitaya sparkles in Sweet bribe

At her ice cream shop Heights, Sharon Leonard offers adult-friendly desserts that do not disappoint, like this blend of dragon fruit and berry ice creams that freeze into a large ice cube with rosa chandon poured on top. Hot tip: Let it sit for a few minutes as the bubbling and fruity flavors come together. 250 W. 19th St.-TM

Moon Driver In Bungalow Heights

The worlds of beer and classic cocktails clash with the Moondriver of Bungalow Heights, a frozen blend of frozen orange juice, Deep Eddie vodka, and citrus-toned Blue Moon. As the drink gradually melts, so will your stress. 1919 Beall St.-already


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