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Knight Concert Hall, Photo credit: Justin Namon

From lavish concert halls to underground clubs and diving bars, plenty of communicating music halls Miami Home. A whole pile of local jazz artists, bands, world-class symphonies, popular musicians and DJs take care of that. Here you can catch quality melodies regardless of who is in the center of the stage.

Today as yesterday
Hoy Como Ayer, which translates to “Today as Yesterday”, serves a heavy dose of live Latin music – punk, pop, salsa and more. As the name implies, you can see – and hear – a combination of past and present here. History literally awaits the walls in the form of black-and-white portraits of heavy musical hits like Celia Cruz, Arturo Sandoval and Benny Moore.

The crowd is relaxed and diverse, so throw back the mojito and let the rhythm stand on its feet.

If the mood hurts, continue the tour of nearby Little Havana Ball and necklace, A facility on Calle Ocho that offers more live music, DJ sets and free salsa lessons.

Adrian Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
From opera and musicals on Broadway to symphonies, pop concerts and world music, the Adrian Arsht Center attracts tent performances. Located in central Miami, the Arsht Center is the largest performing arts venue in Sunshine State. It also has the second largest stage in the United States, perfect for audience pull-ups like Cheka Khan (February 17) and David Sedris (April 20).

There are three state-of-the-art theaters – the 2,400-seat Ballet Ziff Opera House, the 2,200-seat Knight Concert Hall, the Open Hall, the 57,000-square-foot Thomson Plaza for the Arts and the Intimate Carnival Studio. – So it’s no wonder the facility hosts such a wide variety of shows. What’s more, each seat has a solid stage view (great for watching every Miami City Ballet jet and pirouette) and impeccable sound (when you want to hear every violin in the Miami Symphony Orchestra).

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Miami Beach Film, Photo credit: The Filmore Miami Beach

Miami Beach Filmography
The Miami Beach Polymer landmark plays an important role in television history: It was a frequent home for leading actors from the 1960s, when Jackie Gleason, Dick Clark and Ed Sullivan were just a few of the names on the famed roster.

Fast forward to today, and the place is still impressive as a multi-purpose pillar. The Fillmore hosts a variety of artists and Visitors to concerts. The pit in the front makes it perfect for the energy of the Run the Jewels show (January 25) or for those who want to get closer to Sting (February 25). The standing area in the middle and the sitting area in the back offer plenty of options for those who prefer some distance from the action.

Regent’s Cocktail Club At the Gail Hotel
Regent’s Cocktail Club has an unmistakably light atmosphere: a candlelit atmosphere and the ringing of the house piano in a cozy and intimate space. This is one of the selling points of this fascinating hideout at Gale House in South Beach.

Another blessing: The curatorial menu of handcrafted cocktails is constantly changing. Try one of the specialties or relax with an old-fashioned classical style while enjoying the low-pitched sounds of lively jazz.

An alternative to a nurse to the wind is the lobby living room in the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star The Betsy – South Beach, Another understated place for a great evening of live music (mostly jazz) and more amazing alcoholic beverages.

LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach
We all made our time in energetic dive bars and flimsy cocktail lounges. But sometimes, nothing will be done except excessive wealth. This is where LIV in the Forbes Travel Guide recommended Fontainebleau Miami Beach comes into the picture.

Whether you want to do a boogie for the optimal DJ set (Brazilian DJ Alok, January 25) or relax by the bar, the 18,000-square-foot night space provides plenty of room to do both. LIV is especially exclusive every night, but for those who need a little extra, fancy boxes and VIP areas are also available. But the dance floor, the great equalizer, is where you want to spend most of your time.


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