Shoot The Moon in Spring Branch is about to open.

Very expected The “Spring Branch” restaurant Shoot The Moon is finally starting next week.

Developed by Kevin Floyd, the self-service bar features 80 different taps of beer, wine, cocktails and spirits, Like bourbon, vodka and a selection of upscale American whiskeys. Floyd says that despite the obstacles that came with social distance, the concept of the restaurant was created long before the corona plague.

“I saw some self-service / self-pouring bars years ago, like a decade ago, and that was when this technology was the first type of show, and I was always fascinated by the concept because it allows you to do all sorts of cool things with hosting,” says Floyd. Houston. “But at the time, the technology was like 10 years ago, so the technology was super fat, it didn’t work very well, or rather, it was illegal in Texas, so there was no point in even worrying about trying to do it because it was illegal, so I put The idea of ​​the fire.

It was only after the State of Texas made the decision to train self-service that Floyd decided to rethink. With the legalization of self-service restaurants and bars, Floyd began to conceive of exactly how he would like a self-service restaurant to look, and he called two colleagues – Culinary Director Dex McNear (Beaver’s, Underbelly, Hay Merchant) and Development Director Jonas Heard (Underbelly, One Fifth, Dish Society, Nancy’s Hustle).

The uniqueness of self-serve alcohol is undoubtedly a futuristic concept, but Floyd believes many other restaurants will follow suit. But the novelty of Shoot The Moon is not just the drinks, it’s the food.

“The second thing I think is really cool about Shoot The Moon, and really – a lot of people talked about it because we’re all really focused mostly on renewing the self-service drinks program – is the food program. Because Chef Dex is incredibly talented, and I can not think of anyone else I could To do such a project with him. “

The menu is full of pizza and small bites, created in a kitchen driven by McKenner’s chef to offer delicious dishes, in a relaxed atmosphere. Shoot The Moon’s small plate offering includes mushrooms stuffed with homemade pimento cheese, buffalo crab legs and baked sweet potato sweets with spicy mayo.

When asked about customers who might be exaggerating, Floyd says simply, “With great freedom comes great responsibility. I would think an ordinary consumer who is not like you know, comes at such high prices. I think you look at $ 25 to $ 30 per person Experience and that with food and drink. “

Upon entering, you can expect to see an improvised hallway where customers will be greeted with a welcome sign instructing them how the process works. The cash registers mark the first checkpoint where customers will actually communicate with the staff. Customers can open a tab, then get an access card, which helps the restaurant keep track of your location so the servers can provide you with your food. Given their self-service technology, the prices of the drinks are by the ounce and their system boasts the highest level of accuracy – so customers only pay for what they pour. When you are ready to leave, you can simply leave your access card in one of their many lock boxes located throughout the facility, and you will never have to check out with anyone.

Shoot The Moon is located in Spring Branch, 8155 Long Point Rd., Neighboring Feges Barbecue, Tacos Del Julio and Slow Pokes, and will be open for business starting Monday, July 26th.


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