Sexy Thai Girls Stay Fit For You: Hot Pics

Thai girls are a dream for many Westerners traveling to Thailand for vacations.

Once the guys arrive, they quickly discover that the myth is true.

Thai girls are all skinny and sexy!

Thai girls have great body shapes compared to Western women, especially Thai teenagers 18+.

Most Thai girls know the word “6 pack” and strive to get one.

Let’s see how they do it.

Sexy Thai girls have a small physique

Little Thai girls with tiny bodies. The average size of a woman’s dress sold in malls across Bangkok is between an American size 0-4.

Thai girls small waist

It’s super tiny! Well, Asian gardens have a big part in that.

Thank God.

Sexy Thai girls do not eat much!

Thai girls love to eat with friends. And when they do, they usually order “family style” and eat many different dishes from shared plates.

Food sharing usually means you consume smaller portions of food.

Thai girls spend time together and eat in a family style

Then there are the snacks!

Thai girls like to snack all day, which can boost the body’s metabolism to burn more calories.

And did you notice that Thai girls always drink first, eat later? All of these drinks reduce appetite.

Not to mention all the water bottles that Thai girls drink at every meal. All of this water helps the body circulate and digest the food meal.

And finally, based on Starbucks sales, we also know that Thai girls love green tea. All of these smoothies are not only healthy, but they can also help you lose weight.

Sexy Thai girls a spicy diet burns calories

Thai girls love spicy food. The hotter, the better! Spices in foods help food move in your body. It helps burn calories along the way.

Thai food is spicy.

Thais hardly eat beef. They prefer pork and chicken, usually mixed with vegetables to reduce the dishes.

Have you ever seen Thai girls order steak?

And lastly, Thailand is hot. Thai girls usually eat at open food stalls, and who wants to eat a lot when it’s hot outside? Climate can reduce your appetite.

The company pushes Thai girls to keep fit

So at all levels of Thai society, there is a lot of pressure on girls to maintain a thinking, slim and sexy demeanor.

Thailand girls have tremendous pressure to keep fit. Their future depends on leaving sexy.

And this is especially true for Thai sex workers and wild girls who work at night.

With hundreds of thousands of Thai girls competing for those guys, who would allow themselves to be fat?

Sexy Thai girls pictures – so cute – so hot

And finally, we promised you some pictures of sexy and cute Thai girls, some in their teens – all 18+ years old.

Take a look and enjoy:

I think you will agree that Thai teens are some of the sexiest and cutest girls you have ever seen, certainly compared to western girls.

All of these girls work at The Pimp, the best gentlemen’s club in Bangkok. They are all fun, intelligent, sweet and sometimes naughty.

And if those cute girls are not your thing, check out our Busty Thai Girls report and photo gallery.

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Common questions

Asian gardens play a significant role, providing Thai girls with a small body structure.

In addition, their eating habits help. Thai girls eat spicy food, cling to port and chicken and share food at the table, leading to smaller, healthier portions. Thai girls also snack all day which helps them maintain a high metabolism to burn calories.

But perhaps most importantly, Thai women have a lot of pressure from society and peers to stay sexy, have skin and fitness.


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