Russian Women Dating Full Guide

Beauty Russian women Famous around the world. They are known for their attractive looks, blond hair and blue eyes. Many men from different countries would like to know what it feels like to have a Russian date. So let’s find out the whole truth about Russian women Dating.

Dating Russian women in Russia

The dating culture in this beautiful Slavic country is not so different from the rest of the world. You meet a girl who looks attractive to you, asks her out, hangs out with her, and you two hang out together. However, keep in mind that Russian culture There are pretty strong gender roles.

According to Dating laws in Russian, It must always be the man who will take the initiative: he decides where to eat dinner, thinks how to surprise his date, takes care of the bill and gives her flowers or small gifts to show how much he is interested in her. Therefore, it is worth remembering that in Russia, dating is both traditional and romantic.

How are the Russian girls?

If you expect to be surrounded Blonde women – I’ll have to disappoint you, because it’s nothing but a stereotype. The most common hair color is brown, but girls usually have light eyes and pale skin. Russian women are mostly taller than South or Asian girls.

How to meet a Russian girl in Russia?

The best way to get to know people is to hang out with locals at various events. For example, open-air concerts. No wonder why almost all the strangers I knew during The World Cup in Russia Met some Russian women at FIFA Fan Fest: lots of fun, crowd, positive energy and music. Everyone is ready to meet new people and hang out.

Other options:

  • Russian ethnic dating site (The best way to find Russian girls who can speak very good English)
  • Start a small talk with a girl on the street or in a cafe (e.g. ask for directions)
  • party

Do not say things like “Hello Beautiful” In the streets out of nowhere. Usually, to build a Russian it is annoying and disrespectful.

How to meet a Russian girl abroad?

The Russians do travel and immigrate to different countries. You can find many Russian immigrants in USA, Germany, China, and Spain. Their favorite trip destinations are Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Italy, and porcelain. They are hard to find in South American countries, some Asian countries like Japan.

They do not like to travel to the northern part of Europe because it is quite expensive and cold. It is very common for Russian girls to work abroad as models, as their beauty is appreciated all over the world. Here are some tips:

  • Every big city has a The Russian community. In addition, there are organizations of Russian language and culture. If you are interested, find one in your city. You can attend her events or take some classes so you can meet people from Russia and you can get closer to her community in your city.
  • Look for a Russian-born teacher
  • Or become a premium member on one of the largest dating platforms established just for Russian and Slavic countries. Here you go to the gate!

Does a foreign man have a chance to date a Russian woman?

Fortunately, the girls from Mother Russia are actually interested in foreign men. Why? The answer is very simple – Russian men do not value their women as much as men from other countries do.

Due to various wars that Russia and the Soviet Union have gone through in the last century, today, according to statistics, there are 85 men per 100 women. In addition, about 30% of men are unemployed or alcoholics.

Still, that’s the point, mothers have taught their daughters from a very young age to look their best and do their best to satisfy a man. There was (in fact, still exists) a great competition to get a man’s attention. This led to the following problem: Men got used to it Sweet life. Once you are in Russia, you can see that men do not care about their appearance, and their attitude towards their wives and girlfriends can be very disrespectful.

As an example, what my grandmother once told me: “Are you good at haircut? No? What if your future husband asks you to get a better haircut than a hairdresser? What are you going to do? You need to learn how to do it! “Fortunately, the situation is improving in the 21st century.

What is your personal goal to meet a Russian girl?

If you are looking serious relationship – You’re on the right track! Many of them are expecting a serious relationship and even getting married. By the way, never mention to any girl where you are interested Russian girls Or you are looking for a girl in Russia for any type of relationship – they will find it offensive.

If you have already met the right one, try to do your best to assure her that it is very important to you: visit her in her country, invite her to your country, introduce her to your family and friends and support her in difficult situations. . Remember: in this country, Acts speak louder than words.

If all you need is a One night stand, Even with that you will have no problem! Use the old way: go to parties, clubs and concerts. Everywhere you go try to look as touristy as possible; Girls will be happy to have an experience with someone from another country.

Like every nation in the world, people from Russia have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look.

What will you love about Russian women?

Russian women will tell you exactly what they want from you or what they want to give you. Yes, without any clues. They do not hide things and do not distribute. If you hear a compliment from her, rest assured she means it. If she tells you, “I love you” – She actually loves you. Yes, it’s easy!

As mentioned earlier, Russian girls were taught from a young age to do housework and cooking. They put a lot of effort into keeping the house clean, cozy and preparing a delicious dinner for herself, her partner and her family. You will never be hungry with her!

  • They are charming conversationalists

In Russia, small talks are not approved. Girls like to talk about serious and global topics, like philosophy, literature, art, psychology and languages. Remember: they expect the same from you. You will always have something to talk about!

Without a doubt! Most of them have a “Baby face” And blue or green eyes. What’s more, they take care of their appearance: they put a lot of effort into having a good skin tone, they do beauty treatments, do manicures and pedicures, they engage in fashion. They like to attract the attention of the opposite sex with beautiful costumes and high heels. Girls wear makeup just to go shopping (even if the store is just around the corner).

However, no one is perfect

If you are from South America or Southern Europe, you might find Russian women A little cold and reserved at first. They do not like to be too personal and they may even avoid touching you. Plus, Russians barely smile, but do not think it’s because they’re angry – it’s just part of Russian culture. Once you get to know the girl better, you will be amazed at how friendly and open she is.

The Russians speak poor English. The situation is better in the big cities, especially in St. Petersburg, because it is close to Europe. However, in general, English is not taught properly in school. (Take my advice to avoid such problems. Find them online on their platform I gave in the link above or below)

There is another thing that may particularly surprise men from North America and Northern Europe. Russian girls expect the man to be brave in offering to pay for most things. In short, the man has to pay for dates and give gifts to his date or girlfriend (Flowers, chocolate and perfume). Wait, do not be afraid yet!

The main reason why men usually take all the bills is that the woman has to believe that her date is yes “Financially secure.” Even rich women let men take care of the bill. If you do not feel comfortable with it – the best way is to talk to her about it.

Another reason is a little sad. If you are a stranger Going out with a RussianYou’re probably making a lot more money from it (Consider that she is an average person with a monthly salary of $ 400. Dinner at a nice place will cost her 1/8 of her salary). Sometimes she just can not afford things. If you do not want to pay for it, choose places to eat and drink wisely so that you do not hurt it.

Finally, there is the The worst kind of Russian women, Those who chase after your money and your wallet. There are innocent men who can be caught. All she wants from you is to take her to upscale restaurants and buy her expensive gifts. Sometimes the girls collaborate with a few bars and restaurants, take the strangers there, order the most expensive drinks and make the man pay for it all.

“I once met a girl at a party, the next day I asked her to go out to a restaurant. She showed up with her 4 friends, they ordered a lot of food and drink. When we finished, everyone expected me to pay for everyone. I said, ‘No, I’m going to pay for myself and the girl I invited. She got angry, blocked me on WhatsApp and called me “a very bad person” ”

“I was looking for a cheap hotel to spend a night with a woman I met. I wanted to find a place where you could just pay for one hour. I asked Natasha if she knew one, and she said yes. We booked a taxi, she told the driver the address. When we arrived, we arrived at one of the luxurious hostels. In St. Petersburg “Belmond Grand Hotel Europe”. 250 euros per night. It was the most precious night of my life ”

So be careful with girls like that.

In conclusion, I want to say that it is very difficult to describe the whole nation, but I tried my best. Remember, each person is unique, so you can not generalize. The most important thing is to match up with the person you are dating without looking at her nationality. In my experience, I have met a lot of international couples who live happily, and I have met a lot of guys who liked to hang out and hang out with Russian girls. Just use your knowledge and intuition to find the right one.

Feel free to ask any question like me (Katrina) That which can help you as a Mrs. Russia and Dating coach. If you are ready to meet one of them, Here is the Russia-specific dating platform. Keep in mind that you need to upgrade your Premium account to access the full features to meet Beautiful Russian girls. Successfully!


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