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Here at Puerto Vallarta Life, our local connoisseurs of good times and Puerto Vallarta nightclub experts help plan epic nights for our visitors for years to come.

We did the footwork for you, tested every club in town and gained the kind of inner knowledge you need to make every night of celebrating in Puerto Vallarta one of the best nights of your life.

Whether you are coming for a spring break in Puerto Vallarta, a girls or boys trip, a birthday or a bachelor or bachelorette party, the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta takes care of you. So why go alone, when we’re here for you?

And the best part? We get you the best deals on the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta. Period.

Our VIP nightlife packages include options for:

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Or we can design a custom package that is perfect for your party needs.

Although we are going to do all the heavy tasks with the planning, so all you have to do is relax and plan your outfit (see more about the dress codes of Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife here), we live in the information age, so here is all the information you need About the top nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta.

The nightclubs of Puerto Vallarta By location

Nightclubs in central Puerto Vallarta

Bar Morlos

One of the smaller nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, this cool hideaway is located in the El Centro area of ​​Puerto Vallarta and is a favorite of young local urban professionals for a night of serious parties.

With two floors and a stylish cocktail lounge design with draped leather sofas and wide wooden steps, don’t let the upscale look of the Morelos Bar fool you – people come here to go wild.

If you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta, trust us, they will make a big deal out of it, so prepare your Insta story!

Nightclubs Puerto and Larta Malcon

New Year's Eve packages


Perhaps the most famous nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, Mandela manages to balance high-class service, sexy design inspired by Southeast Asia and a more casual approach to upscale clubs in Vallarta.

Directly on the famous Malecon, this legendary hot spot overlooks the Pacific Ocean and attracts many tourists as well as locals, so the nights start earlier – but end just as late.

And the dress code is a little more relaxed, so girls, you can wear flat (you are welcome).

The main-level dance floor is already pumping at 10pm, which is a few hours better than other big nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, but there will be a queue almost every night of the week until 11pm, so let us make an order with a reservation so you don’t get stuck waiting.

And be sure to visit the Sky Bar in the open air on the second level for a slightly cooler atmosphere and a wicked view of Banderas Bay.


The little cow

Also located on the Malecon, La Vaquita (which translates to “the little cow”) takes the bull by the horns when it comes to an amazing party in Puerto Vallarta.

Do not let the name fool you, it’s not a cowboy bar, the DJ will be spinning EDM, beloved international and Latin pop, with some theme nights.

Remember how we said Mandela has a more “casual approach” to nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta? La Vaquita is as casual as it gets! Bikini, tank top, cuts, flip flops – no problem! This place is everything except pretentious and they just want you to wear to enjoy.

La Vaquita is more or less the antithesis to the other big nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, but in a super fun, super high energy way.

We can pretty much guarantee that at some point, if not at many points, at night, you will be “WTF happening here?!?”, Whether it’s the internal / external swings that take you out over the Malkon and back for goodness sake. The dance floor, the special cow flying overhead or when the cattle brand shows up … it’s true, you all read that right … the cattle brand … this place is always a crazy farm yard of fun.

Nightclubs in the Puerto Vallarta hotel area

New Year's Eve packages


Welcome to the nightlife church of Puerto Vallarta, where you will alternately pray for the DJ at this cathedral-like club that elevates the clubs to an almost religious experience.

Strana is the high priestess of exclusive nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta and a playground for young and beautiful people, and is the best place in town to meet Latin celebrities.

The extravagance dominates Strana, with each group lucky enough to cross the velvet ropes, accompanied to its private table, where it will have the highest level of personal service all night.

Leading international DJs are flying for guest appearances at Strana, as well as their phenomenal resident DJs, who keep the party going until dawn.

But do not take your entrance into this sacred space of club life as a given – the velvet ropes are serious in Strana.

Be sure to book your table in advance to get ultra-VIP service and make sure your night is insanely amazing.

Time to celebrate

The saint

A paradise on earth with a devilish side, La Santa is a prestigious club with a reputation of one of the best nightclubs in Mexico, visited by celebrities from Latin America, beautiful and glittering people.

A mega-club with a capacity of 2500 people, La Santa comes with a swimming pool and lounge by the pool, so bring your swimsuit … or not … things are known to get wet and wild.

But be sure to dress up to impress, because the atmosphere at La Santa is sexy, chic and elegant, yet spills onto the dance floor with international and evil resident DJs guarding the party.

Biblock 1


Adjacent to La Santa, is a library, a more intimate space dressed as a sexy librarian meets the reading room of Christian Gray.

This is an amazing place to hang out with locals with heels and has an upscale feel without the mega-club atmosphere of other nightclubs of the hotel area in Puerto Vallarta.

Get ready to dance because this place is meant to move with reggaeton music, dancehall and revolving EDM music until the wee hours of the morning.

What are the best nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta at night a week?

A solid question. We’m glad you asked. Basically, all the clubs in Puerto Vallarta are going to light up every night of the week, but as a rule of thumb, Sunday through Thursday are great nights to visit the nightclubs in Malcon and downtown – Bar Morelos, Mandela and La. Vaquita – which will be packed with locals and tourists.

The nightclubs of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone – Strana, La Santa and Biblioteca – are also busy on weekday nights, but really raise it to a level on weekends, when the hot, young and beautiful from Guadalajara and Mexico City come to Puerto and Larta to celebrate.

And while reservations are a good idea every night of the week, especially during peak season, you’ll want the VIP table reserved at every Puerto Vallarta nightclub on the weekend to make sure your party in Puerto Vallarta goes exactly as planned.

The best nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta to meet girls?

Hi man, it’s up to you. How good is your game? But here’s our advice, if you’re not dressed in Gucci / Prada / Pragmo and your party budget in Puerto Vallarta does not include sending champagne bottles to hot chicks in town for the weekend from Guadalajara, head to Bar Morelos, Mandala. And La Vaquita for connection.

But we have confidence in you. You can score fiery anywhere.

The best nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta to meet guys?

You’re cute? Are you ready? Why do you even bother to ask this question? Everywhere. You will meet guys just about everywhere.

The best nightclub in Puerto Vallarta for bachelor or bachelorette parties

We go with Bar Morelos for that. As we mentioned, they make a big deal out of it.

But all of Puerto Vallarta’s top nightclubs are going to help you break out to celebrate your last night off, so you really can ‘t go wrong with any of them.

Just make sure that when you place your order, they know it is a special occasion and they will take care of you.

Now that you’ve armed with everything you need to know about the best clubs in Puerto Vallarta, let our local nightlife experts organize your night with everything you need to make it the best party night of your life. Book here your VIP nightlife package in Puerto Vallarta.


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