Pool Events in Belgrade! Belgrade Matinee! How to get IN?

Matinee or Matine as some people prefer to call it, is an event that takes place in the afternoon and not later at night. A presentation in Belgrade is held only in Summers. In peak season and pleasant weather. The season of excellence begins in June and ends at a certain point in September. Belgrade Matinee’s nightlife became popular as early as 2014. The idea came among several local nightclub entrepreneurs who decided to offer comfortable people on Sunday afternoons. The idea was to gather well-dressed people for a glass of wine at sunset. Cool vibrations with a soft way of partying. The first club to start with this idea was Lasta. After that a team of people who ran Lasta got out of the business and opened their own new club Leto. Leto soon began holding Sunday parties better known as the Belgrade Matinee. These Sundays are very soon becoming the main event in Belgrade’s nightlife. Soft Party Immediately after sunset move on to difficult events for the party. The parade in Belgrade ended around 22:00. Most people work on Mondays. So the Sunday Matinee events suit them pretty well. Remember to keep the rules. Click here for more information on Belgrade’s dress code.

Waiting for Belgrade

Waiting for Belgrade

How to enter?

How to get into the hottest Belgrade parties without any problems? Once you are done with the dress code. Make sure you make a watts-up call with the US. We’ll add your name to the guest list and make sure it’s really out. In the hands of a club goalkeeper. Our service is free. So yes! You’ll get to the list quickly and for free.

Hot tips:

Do not get drunk in front of Belgrade clubs. You may be denied entry even if your name appears on the guest list.

Belgrade clubs do not charge an entrance fee. Admission is free. But get ready to spend some money on drinks. You can not get drunk!

Some clubs host better parties on Fridays and some on Saturdays. Same goes for the days of the week. So how do you know where to go every day of the week? Just whats app for us! We will share with you hot information!

A parade in Belgrade

A parade in Belgrade

Day parties at the pool in Belgrade?

Matnee is not necessarily a pool party! In fact, Matinee almost never includes a pool party. So where are the pool parties in Belgrade? Only in one place! Pool events and day parties are hosted at the famous Hot Mess. Be sure to check out when events are taking place at each of Belgrade’s popular clubs.

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