Papi Steak x Alec Monopoly Art Basel Dinner, Featuring LOUIS XIII Cognac

Alec Monopoly, David Einhorn, Jani Einhorn and Scott Disick

MIAMI, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 2, 2021 – Poppy Steak and Alec MonopolyHosted together a special Miami Art Week dinner, which includes a special meal Louis XIII Cognac tasting. Guests enjoyed a five-course culinary experience, including a delightful dessert that will soon be added to Papi Steak’s menu – a treasure trove of LOUIS XIII served with a baked Alaska dessert. The evening also included a special unveiling of the LOUIS XIII credenza, featuring custom LOUIS XIII engraved glassware.

2 hannukah lighting35

3 scott discick alec monopoly david einhorn1

Scott Disick, Alec Monopoly and David Einhorn

4 rich the kid alec monopoly david einhorn16

Rich the Boy, Alec Monopoly and David Einhorn

5 rich the kid alec monopoly david einhorn14

Rich Hild, David Einhorn and Alec Monopoly

6 rich the kid alec monopoly david einhorn28

Monopoly Rich Boy and Alec

7 alec papi pouring louis5

Alec Monopoly and David Einhorn

8 alec papi pouring louis9 9 alec papi pouring louis38

10 alec papi pouring louis49

Alec Monopoly and David Einhorn

11 speakers giving toast3

David Einhorn and Chris Cuomo

12 speakers giving toast24

Chris Cuomo

13 speakers giving toast40

Alec Monopoly

14 speakers giving toast79

David Einhorn

15 1 img 7448 15 2 img 7216 15 2 img 7597

16 img 7456

Sarah and Alec The Irish Monopoly

17 img 7468

David Einhorn, Alec Monopoly and Jani Einhorn

19 img 7089

Alec Monopoly and David Einhorn

19 1 img 7077

20 alec monopoly dj nikolas6

Alec Monopoly

20 1 dj nikolas2

DJ Nichols

20 2 img 7180

David Einhorn

21 alexa dellanos irish sarah david einhorn4

Alexa Delanus, Irish Sarah and David Einhorn

22 david einhorn alexa dellanos3

David Einhorn and Alexa Delanus

23 alexa dellanos3

Alexa Delanus

23 1 sam shahidi irish sarah5

Sam Shehidi and the Irish Sarah

23 2 lyndon smith katie luddy4

Lyndon Smith and Katie Lodi

23 3 sam shahidi david einhorn2

Sam Shahidi and David Einhorn

26 david einhorn andre marques2

David Einhorn and Andre Marx

27 img 7617 28 img 6968

29 andre marques david einhorn friend5

Andre Marks and David Einhorn

30 david boothe sam shahidi david einhorn2

David Booth, Sam Shahidi and David Einhorn

31 sam shahidi irish sarah joe de pace4

Sam Shahidi, Irish Sarah and Joe de Pace

31 1 joe de pace david boothe chris cuomo1

Joe de Pace, David Booth and Chris Cuomo

31 2 david boothe chris cuomo1

David Booth and Chris Cuomo

31 2 yanni einhorn nick smith2

Jani Einhorn and Nick Smith

32 bailey mateer anna gist abbi schuler cindace r3

Bailey Mater, Anna Gist, Avi Schuler

33 img 6941 34 img 6955

36 1 img 6929

David Einhorn

37 img 7034 38 img 7236 39 img 7056 40 img 7255

41 johnny belson friend4

Johnny Belson

42 img 7342 43 img 7184 44 img 7176 45 img 6998 46 img 7047 47 img 6974 48 img 7192 49 img 6885


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