Otium Serves Up a CBD Cocktails Tasting Menu

On the occasion of 420 days, OtiumChris Amirolt’s Bar Manager (formerly of Harlow) will serve a variety of CBD cocktails! You can try each for $ 20 per unit. Or just go for it completely (it’s Friday!) And go through the entire tasting menu for $ 65. The selection includes the Pineapple Express, a Negroni variation networked with CBD oil that is already on the bar’s regular menu. So I would say that if you are looking at your consumption, it is better first of all on the others because who knows when you will get to try them again.

Otium CBD Cocktail Picture by Caroline Hollingsworth

Pineapple Express: Gin, Campari Pineapple, Sweet Vermouth, CBD Coconut Oil

  • Pineapple Express: Gin, Campari pineapple, sweet vermouth, CBD coconut oil
  • Sour diesel: Gin, Lemon, Yuzu Honey, Egg Protein, Peychaud’s, Lemon CBD Oil
  • PB & J: American Whiskey, Campari Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Egg Protein, Lemon CBD Oil
  • Blue dream: Mixture of rum, blue cork, lime, vanilla orjat, CBD coconut oil
Otium CBD Cocktail Photo by Caroline Hollingsworth

Sour diesel: gin, lemon, yuzu honey, egg white, peaches, lemon CBD oil

Gracias Madera was one of the first Light up a spotlight on CBD cocktails in 2016 before a recreational pot was legal in California. And when it finally moved on to legalization this year, Chris wanted to help promote cannabis as a sustainable ingredient in food and beverage. So he turned to bartender Jason Eisner, who invented the first CBD cocktails at Gracias Madre. Jason then introduced him to Colorado H. Hemp Company, Which created affordable MCT cannabis oils in coconut and lemon flavors.

Otium CBD Cocktail Photo by Caroline Hollingsworth

PB&J: American Whiskey, Campari Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Egg Protein, Lemon CBD Oil

How do they taste in these specific cocktails? “The oils contribute to a particularly concentrated cannabis flavor. Cannabis has a herbaceous and herbal note that flatters most sugars and citrus fruits,” Chris said. In Pineapple Express, these herbaceous notes contribute to the bitterness of the Negroni but also the coconut adds to the tropical feel. “

Every day is 420 days: Where to find CBD cocktails in Los Angeles

Gracias Madre's CBD Cocktail Cocktail Image by Brennan Wu

Gracias Madre CBD stone fruit cocktail

If you miss the pot cocktails in Otium, do not worry. Thank you Mom West Hollywood still serves them, even though Jason Eisner has left the company. New bartender director Maxwell Rice directs Jason’s original three (Stony Negroni, Rold Fashion and Sour T-iesel) and a few more of his own:

  • Carved fruit: Black plum, yuzu, apricot liqueur, orange aperitif, cannabinoid, mezkel
  • Alternative Medicine: Ginger, Honey, Yuzu, Hop Amro, Cannabinoids, Mazkel, Mist Centennial Hop Solution, CBD Ginger Candy

And for more options, here you will find other CBD cocktails throughout Los Angeles

  • plaster: Meow rye with rye whiskey, dried vermouth, elderflower, CBD oil
  • Employees only: “Nice Dreams” made with Mazcal, Lemon, Maltese, Aquapaba, CBD and Macha Powder
  • Patterns bar: Armenian with New Amsterdam gin, elderflower liqueur, mixed CBD oil, lemon, lime, orange, mint and sparkling wine
Employees Only CBD Cocktail Image by Meghan Patke

Employees Only Nice Dreams CBD cocktail


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