Order This Cocktail at Two Headed Dog and Keep the Skull

After ordering the gin, Hibiscus and pineapple cocktail Enemy blood In a two-headed dog downtown, you might feel inclined to steal the tiny skull coming out of a halved lemon garnish. Do not worry – you are allowed to take it.

“We know someone who saved the skulls from all the blood of my enemies that they had from the beginning,” says co-owner Lindsay Ray, who opened the casual bar with co-worker Billy Boyd last August. Another skull collector made her own bracelet.

Details like this are what made Two Headed Dog an instant hit. It’s Texas country and punk playlist, tables created from shiplap that survived the legendary club that left the precious, Fitzgerald’s, the vintage photo booth, taxidermy on the walls, and a rustic-without-effort-too-hard patio. The drinks are not harmful either.

Do not let the cruel name fool you: Blood of My Enemies, one of five barrel cocktails offered at the bar, is seriously worth drinking – especially on a hot spring day. Starting with tropical acidity at the front and charming bitterness at the back end, it delights the ultimate people.

But behind this specific tiki-style cocktail there is some vicious chemistry. Ray and her team invented the recipe in collaboration with Fords gin Ambassador Máté Hartai; The preparation of the drink begins with boiling hibiscus tea and turning it into a simple syrup. It is added to a mixture of diluted pineapple and three types of acid – known as the “Citrus Wizard’s Words” on the menu – with the addition of gin. All this is added into a barrel and poured, a refreshing ruby ​​red, from the tap, then garnished with mint, lemon, and the little skull.

According to Ray, just about everyone loves it.

“You see a punk rock guy drinking it, or a downtown lawyer drinking it, or the girl going out with her friends to a party, she drinks it,” Ray says. “It has no boundaries.”


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