Nobody blows out candles anymore girl

Okay, okay, so COVID changed the way we do a lot of things; No, we probably should not blow up our saliva particles on a cake we share with others now … maybe even ever, but by no means does that mean we are not celebrating!

In fact, in this strange post-COVID world, we all just bend over backwards until normalcy feels familiar. Whether it’s a Mask Off like Future in 17 ‘or an elegant 4-inch piece of fabric that becomes part of the closet, it’s the end of spring! For most of us babies spring-early summer, it’s time to double the celebration and make up for what we did not get last year.

right? Okay, even if it’s just me, your girl’s parting from her 20s and 30s so I’m celebrating Gemini season for as long as I want because it’s my business. Join me!

In the spirit of socially safe fun, the ship hosts free shows in the alley every Friday and Saturday night, featuring some of KC’s favorite musicians and DJs!

All summer, you can order their fried green beans or if you feel hungry, Po’boys or red beans and rice. They have something for every palate. Get out early in the evening and dance the night away with a constant rejuvenation of delicious choices from their drinks service! How can you go wrong two steps into the night with seasonal blueberry gelfenio margarita in hand in their beautiful tropical courtyard? You can not, my sister. The doors open at 7, and they wrap at 10, making this place an ideal intimate encounter, perfect for a single mom like me, people who like to kick it but also get 7 hours of solid sleep, or a pair of heels that were too cute to pass on, but Your legs can only stand on them for 2-3 hours. You know the women duo, this is the place for them!

Kansas City is here to welcome us with open arms and a special and lucrative drink! Patrons across the U.S. are available, the curfew has been lifted, and just like that hot, sunny, and I sip mimosas like water.

Here are some of my favorite places out there to sip, serve up a look and eat something delicious!

Figwitz: This place is nestled within the urban market, known for its fresh, local and artistic meats in a rhythmic style. Their local chef puts together a menu that alternates weekly specials that include items from some of the best farms and small businesses across Missouri and Kansas. Pigwich is the perfect place to sit with the kids on their large patio and enjoy a casual post-market lunch.


Real food kitchen: This is a little gem I came across after realizing that quarantine 15 is real!

Not only does this place boast a healthy indoor patio in the best corner of the square for people watching it, but it also makes a killer dragon fruit margarita!

True food

Looking for some fun kid-friendly day fun? Or even just a fun time for your inner child? Nelson Art Gallery There’s a mini golf drug show! From May 23 to September 6, the art course is open during regular museum hours every day (Thursday – Monday of the week). The art course at Nelson-Atkins is a mini golf experience designed by an artist! It’s 9 holes with a creative interpretation of a work of art in the museum collection in every swing! With picturesque views on the grass, this is the perfect place to have a picnic, play and enjoy the day. I could see it was a good dating site; We’re doing it again, right?

mini golf

Look, we may not put out candles … but this is a festive baby. Where are you headed now that the streets have called?

Written by: Miriam Gray


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