How is your day today after winning in Madrid?
“I’m excited and motivated to offer the best of myself to the competition. Today my day is exactly the same. I usually start the day reading, then work and learn about training, nutrition and training, to help people become their best version. At the end of the day I train and socialize with My love. “


The winner’s weapon must be unique and authentic, what’s yours to get the national title?

“Be me and give my best at every moment. In the end we all have aspects that make us unique and unequal, so we should only enjoy the present moment but with a proactive approach of constant improvement. Among my weapons I consider elegance, masculinity, manners and demeanor. “


Which fashion parade do you most identify with? Who would you stay with and why?

“I recognize more wearing a suit, I like to walk with a suit because it conveys elegance and a good presence. Besides, I have no problems, I am versatile and can adapt to the other parades. “

What reasons would you give the judges why you should be Spain’s representative in the international competition?

“I think beauty is not just an expression of the physical aspect, but the harmony that comes along with physical balance, emotion and inner harmony. Under the principle of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, cultivating body, mind and spirit. I believe I have the qualities to participate in the international competition And keep Spain at the top. “


In this edition, you will have the pleasure of living the experience in Matalascañas (Huelva). What do you think about the atmosphere in which you will be during that week to live unforgettable experiences?

“The truth is that I am very excited to live the experience, you are breathing a good atmosphere and I will surely have the pleasure of meeting good people and bringing me great friends.”

FERGUS Hotels is the major sponsor of this event. How about the FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf facilities? Do you think the experience will stand up to the big event?

“After examining the facilities in depth I can say that the place is ideal for an event. The place is very quiet and well equipped, very suitable to spend the stay and enjoy, in fact will be the idyllic place to which many ‘Madrilino’ will take a break to get away from the big city.”


Which city? “New York”

What is the best part of you? “Good values, curiosity to learn, empathy.”

A number? “10”

Your favorite place? “the coast”

After shaving? Calvin Klein approached him

What could you not live without? “A good book to accompany me”

Original interview via HOYMAGAZINE in Spanish Here



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