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Seville, 16 and 17 May 2017


Secretary of State for Tourism, Matilda Asian, mentors congress

Intended for social and economic players involved in the sector:

Managers, professionals, associations and consumers


The Palace of Exhibition and Congress of Seville (FIBES) will be the setting for First National Nightlife Congress (CNON), Which is under the motto “Days are always born at night”, Will collect in the same space all the social and economic agents directly or indirectly involved in this sector, including administrations, entrepreneurs and professionals at night, associations and factories and our clients.


Secretary of State for Tourism, Matilda Asian, will open the congress On Tuesday, May 16 at 10:00 p.m.

This initiative, which will take place on 16 and 17 May 2017, was born with the main aim of projecting the voices of the sector in an inspiring and motivating way, which beyond exposing claims and challenges facing nightlife today, is capable of appreciating renewal, creativity and professionalism. With this mission, public and business institutions alike, along with professionals working at night, are grasping the global potential of a dynamic, constantly evolving sector that constantly incorporates new developments or innovative proposals and is connected to new consumers, in order to track both national and international Investments.

In this sense, this appointment will consist of important congressional content, divided into presentations, roundtables, presentations and networking meetings, to reflect and share positive experiences in innovation and trends, including two experts from the sector such as administrations with expertise in well-known brands , Projects, entrepreneurs and sociologists, among others.

Another one of the strengths of the congress There will be a discussion on the need to establish in various Spanish cities the character of “Mayor of the Night” (Or Night Czar), as already happens, for example, b Amsterdam, Paris and London And its role, in addition to protecting one of the economic engines of these places, is to serve as an ambassador for nightlife and a mediator between the demands of the sector, consumers and the rest of the population.

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Although the full program will soon be unveiled in a public act, e congress Can declare that he will rely on the presence of Mirik Milan and Lutz body ring, Mayors at night To Amsterdam and Berlin, Respectively.

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On the other hand, among the issues to be addressed in the technical meetings include those related Intellectual Property Rights, Taxes, Safety, Alcohol and Noise.

A basic tier in the tourism sector

Despite the adaptation process to which the sector was forced as a result of the crisis, which affected the frequency and consumption of leisure by citizens, it continues to be a strategic tier of national tourism as an important social and economic component. Engine. The hotel and restaurant industry b Spain As a rule, more than Million employees And produces a cycle of more than 100,000 million euros, Which is equivalent to approx 6% of GDP Of the national economy.

Spain It is a world leader in this sector

Seville will host the First Congress For this sector at the national level while Ibiza will host the fourth edition of International nightlife congress. CNON Stands as an unprecedented event in the nightlife segment at the national level, sharing the spotlight with Ibiza. Also known as “White Island” Famous proposal that is unmatched as a world leader in nightlife is the location every two years of International nightlife congress.


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