Local Pub Petrol Station Closes Shop

Gas station, one of the most famous bars in Houston, And a place that educated countless residents on craft beer, served its last pint. Bar owner Ben Fullelove confirmed via Facebook message to Houston That it is permanently closed.

A gas station, which opened at a former gas station in 2007, was founded by Fullelove as a coffee shop and craft craft haven at a time when harder-to-find brands were not equally available in Houston. Gasoline was known early on in its non-dormant approach to beer: basically, if you asked for macro things, you would hear about it. But because of this, Patrol won early praise and love from the craft craft crowd; In addition, he created a deadly burger called Rancor.

While Patrol continued to educate, Fullelove brought Brash Brewing, which he started in Massachusetts, to Houston in 2015. In recent years, perhaps as Bayou City’s artisans grew into family life, Petrol became a haven for parents and young children, thanks largely to its expansive backyard with area Wooden train games.

Most recently, the Fulleloves GoFundMe has started aiming to save the gas station. They said COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of all Harris County bars “destroyed” their business.

“We are facing deep challenges as business owners and we are turning to our friends from the gas station for help during this crisis,” the GoFundMe page read. “If you could save a pint to help a distressed old friend, we would be very grateful.”

Gasoline has played a critical role in the evolution of beer drinking here in Houston. It will be missing. And while it’s not clear what’s the future of 985 Wakefield Dr, we’ll update if we can get more information.


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