Kenyan Girls: Dating, Cultural Aspect, Marriage

Interested in dating Kenyan girls, you must read this carefully, here is the complete guide that eVery much what you need to know about Kenya girls.

Are you the type who thought of finding love in Kenya? Do you find yourself more attracted to Kenyan women? Or are you just thinking of dating a Kenyan woman? Look no further, this article reveals the bitter truth about these beautiful creatures in Kenya.

How to find serious Kenyan women

I will be honest with you, if you are interested in dating a Kenyan woman and taking the relationship to the next level, do not search clubs, or even dating sites (of course there are exceptions to this rule). Kenyan women still hold on to African traditions so the best places to find a good Kenyan woman, are probably church, workplace, social gatherings.

Avoid these little girls at university, most of them are in pain who did not understand exactly who they are and are probably looking for someone (called here mostly sponsor) who will provide her fantastic lifestyle. I’m running away from them again, they’re dangerous to your health. They will ‘milk you’ until it dries.

How to meet Kenya women for fun?

Of course, if you’re looking to have fun with a Kenyan lady, be my guest. This is the best place to be because these ladies are available. Literary Every step you make, you can not miss a Kenyan woman who is willing to spend your money. The best place to check is universities and colleges.

Just hop in and sit in the cafeteria, hey just start a conversation and in a minute you will feel like you have known each other for years. Dating sites are also another good option if you want a lady to just have fun with.

I do not have to spend a lot of time on these because they are plentiful. If you’re the shy type, just go to the club, there are lots of women who do not even have a penny to drink. One easy way to get her attention is to offer her a drink.

How to find a Kenyan woman for marriage?

I must warn you, with Kenya ladies you need to be careful and not rush to talk about marriage. Most of them are not yet ready for marriage. Some are still pursuing their careers (not that I have a problem with that), others just want to have fun as they call it, in fact very few are willing to talk about marriage. My advice, take your time.

I can not stress this enough. Take your time before you fall into the trap. When dating a Kenyan woman, no matter how much you trust her, there is always this guy somewhere who also stares at her.

Believe me, most Kenyan women use their beauty as ‘strongholds’ and they always know at any given opportunity, she can jump on the next guy. So until that fear drifts away, do not think of settling for it.

Kenyan women’s culture

Quite similar to other African societies, the culture in Kenya is highly valued. The lady should get to know you first her friends and then her parents if she sees you as potential. In most cases, the parents do not interfere much in your relationship and they will let you be until you are ready to take it to the next level.

Were willing to part with a handsome sum as a bride price (for some tribes). Genital mutilation is also common in some tribes in particular essayist So if you’re scared of this look, do not go out with a A Kenyan woman from Masai.

Pros and cons of Kenyan girls

One sure thing about dating Kenyan women is that you are going for a brilliant woman. They are smart. Career, business, they are leading and do not have to depend on a man to survive.

Forget the campus kids, mature women in Kenya are independent. They are very strong, creative, respectful of their men, beautiful of course, motherly and will never let anyone underestimate you. Talk about supporting their owners, believe me, they are the ‘real deal’.

They will always push their men to be their best. On the other side of the coin, some Kenyan women are too independent for life. They are so masculine. Being strong is a good trait but no man wants a woman without a soft spot.

They are also egocentric, especially beautiful ones who have exciting careers and thriving businesses. Most Kenyan women report a certain type of men. They discriminate and belittle men who they think are not potential customers.

The other ugly truth about dating a Kenyan woman is that they tend to think that their beauty will take them far in life. This is where they will sleep with their bosses for this high role in the role, who would want to date such a woman really?

Do you recommend dating Kenyan women and why?

Yes, I would recommend dating a Kenyan woman and even marrying her because their positive qualities outweigh the negative ones. One thing you are, take your time before you settle for one.

Do your research, pray about it (i.e. if you believe in prayer), And first ‘learn it’. She may be lying to you at first but you know you can not lie and hide forever, right? Somehow the truth has to come out.

What do Kenyan girls mostly like?

If you are interested in dating a Kenyan woman, you must trust your pocket to be so heavy. Kenya women love money. It is true to say that money makes the world go round if you have money, no matter how short, tall, fat, a Kenyan woman falls on you.

If you can pamper her with gifts, take her for vacations, for dinner, believe me it will win you a place in her heart. Maybe she will even start calling you already her husband.

What do Kenyan girls expect from a man?

All a Kenyan lady expects from her man is to take care of her. Take her to meet your friends, your parents, support her, treat her like a lady, if you do all this, you will get her guarded.

Is it easy to find a foreign Kenyan girl?

This is a rhetorical question I must say. Most Kenyan women claim that their male counterparts are not caring, romantic and loving and of course take this as a scripture that strangers are the best option for them.

Most Kenyan men still have unanswered questions about what is special about strangers compared to them. If you have asked any Kenyan woman what it is like to date the tribe, they will assure you how they are the worst men you can settle with.

What do Kenyan girls think of being a foreigner?

One may wonder what is so special about Kenyan strangers and women. Kenyan men are always accused of being cheating, unromantic, never making an effort unlike strangers that Kenyan women think are well domesticated, romantic, able to cook and clean.

One thing is for sure, if you are white (usually called mzungu), West African or Congolese, you will sell like hot cakes in Kenya. Kenyan women are so obsessed with these races. This is why most of these women have an adopted lifestyle that will suit the status of the stranger, like a diet so that they will be thin, wearing makeup all the time, long fabrics. There is no doubt that most women do this to impress Mazongos,

Why should foreigners marry Kenyan women?

If you want to date a Kenyan woman, it does not hurt. If you want to marry a Kenyan woman, go for it too. As a foreigner for a start, you are highly regarded by Kenya women, so the chances of her cheating on you are very low. She will respect you, love you and treat you like her king.

Is it easy to find Kenyan girls for a long-term relationship?

Do you want a long-term relationship with a Kenyan woman? It is very possible. If you’re Mzungu, you do not even have to strain so much. If you are West African or Congo, you should not make such an effort. A Kenyan man? You will have to prove to yourself that you are worth her time in the first place.

Do you have to spend time in nightclubs to find Kenyan women?

Kenya women are everywhere. From the streets, restaurants, social gatherings, fashion shows, gym, boutiques, you will find them everywhere. They are always wandering ready to land on a potential suitor. You will also find lots of salons, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

One thing that will ignite your conversation in a light tone is if you offer her something, for example, offer to pay her salon bill, buy her a drink and offer her a free ride wherever she goes. You have to prove yourself to be a gentleman in the first place. Funny that this is how Kenyan women define a gentleman, in that they offer something in return for her attention.

Here you guys, bitter truth about dating Kenyan women. Do not be fooled by them, they are interesting creatures, besides their love of money and egocentric nature, they are sweet souls.

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