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“Thank God it’s Friday” Is a common phrase you will often hear in Kampala because it opens the weekend parties. To many, Kampala, Uganda’s vibrant capital, has often been equated with New York City where people never sleep. we will be “Sleeping in our shoes” Is reading the rally with people celebrating all night, drinking pubs and clubs stay open all night, almost every step you make there is a local hangout, pubs full of exiles, pubs in car parks and women in micro-mini dresses ready to take on the night.

In Kampala, regardless of location, the music is top notch. There is always a combination of everything to suit any type of audience. From international pop to Nigerian music, their own local songs, South African, each celebrant is provided. Let’s jump into the unknown Nightlife in Kampala.

Ugandans celebrate every day. You will often hear them say “Every day is a party time” And rightly so in Kampala, alcohol is available at any hour of the day. The pubs are open as early as 8:00 am to cater to those on holiday. Drinking flows in their blood. It’s part of their culture. You are almost never out of sight of a place to buy alcohol. Locals actually confirm that many people come to Kampala not to visit the Nile River or Lake Victoria but to experience a nightlife in Kampala.

With many pubs to choose from, depending on where you are, Kampala offers such an unforgettable night experience ever. Let us explore some of the places you might want to check out once you’re in Pearl of Africa.

Some of Kampala’s nightlife clubs and bars

Method Avenue

Method Avenue Coincidentally it is one of the glittering streets in Kampala, home to some of the luxury hotels, apartments and the Method Method Mall. This area is packed with nightclubs and bars, for example, the Irish pub Bubbles O’Leary And nearby Of Big Mike Everyone is here. Being a perfect place for football lovers, with their refined kitchens, these pubs attract a healthy crowd of expatriates as well as some locals.

Further down the boulevard are other bars such as Riders, Wink, Casablanca, Iguana, Sky Lounge, which attract more from the local crowd than expatriates. It makes them a little more intimidating for our exiles. But do not worry, it is believed that Uganda has the most welcoming and friendly people you will ever meet in an environment that will welcome strangers with open arms. So if you happen to be at Acacia Mall, feel free to check out these bars, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.


Cayenne is in Bukoto area, About 20 minutes drive depends on what time (considering the traffic in Kampala) from Acacia Avenue. This club has two sections, one by the pool and the bar with a dance floor. If you are an exile, I would recommend it, they have an extensive international menu and this place is a great place to hang out especially if you want to have an early dinner.

Local dishes are also available and I recommend you try their tikka masala or any curry. You thank me later. Near Cayenne there are also other great hotels and pubs such as Kabir Country Club, Coco Bar located in I’m late, Which is a few minutes walk from Cayenne.

On the other side of town, depending on where you are hosted is another “Las Vegas” Of Kampala is called Kabbalah Machine usually “sin City” or “Where the devil lives.” This street has all kinds of rectangular, Congolese, Nigerian, Chinese and local nations. People do not sleep here and businesses never close. Pub Capital is one club notorious for having prostitutes, also de Posh. You will lose the choice if you want to enjoy here because pubs abound.

Would you like to meet a black woman before you visit Kampala and not risk your summer love? there you are….

Fusion Auto Spa

A few kilometers from Kabalagala there is a car spa. This pub, which serves as a laundry bay during the day, is located in the upper part of the city Munionio observer Lake Victoria. Here you can wash your car while enjoying Ugandan beers like the Nile, Belger or Eagle Extra. For football fans, this pub is worth a visit. With two bars adjacent to each other, this place is spacious enough for those who want to attract some dance moves.

getting around

Depending on where you go and what time you arrive, some pubs will charge coverage. It can include a drink or not. The cost is not high, just a few dollars. Beverage prices are also reasonable. About $ 2 or $ 3.

One complicated thing about Nightlife in Kampala This is how to get from place to place. Regular taxis are available all night and should cost you in between UGX 20,000 –40,000 (USD $ 5.32– $ 10.64). Motorcycle taxis (Budabuds) Will increase between approx UGX 5,000 ($ 1.50 dollars). Prices may go up or down low, depending on where you go.

Instead of Bodabodas, I prefer you to pay extra for a taxi in case you are new to the city. This is because motorcycles are not safe at night and if this is your first time, you may not feel comfortable sitting on them. Even as a stranger, you may have a hard time haggling. Prices here depend on where you come from. As such, some local friends would be ideal.

Security look

Kampala is without a doubt one of the safest places in East Africa. Nightlife is safe due to the heavy presence of security guards and people walking freely at night. Security is very tight on almost every boulevard. You will find metal detectors in most pub doors, bag checks and searches.

On some streets, you may also meet patrols armed with patrols. It should not worry you because it is the standard procedure and it is for everyone’s safety. Bouncers in most clubs and pubs are also friendly and you can always run to them just in case. have fun Nightlife in Kampala And tell us below your comments …


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