How to blend in? HOT TIPS how not be noticed as a foreigner in Belgrade!

How to fit in and not pay attention to him as a foreigner in Belgrade. Learn how to blend in with Belgrade circles. Staying for a while or just visiting with the intention of meeting new friends and connections there are things you need to do and know. Before you walk into the territory of Belgrade, we suggest you watch random YouTube videos about Belgrade Serbia. It would be wise to do this every time you travel somewhere. Familiarity with the history and geography of the Balkans can give you a bit of a headache. So the first step in joining Belgrade’s company would be to get to know some history and a brief geography.

Choose your social circle

You need to know where you want to be confused. You can choose football fans, nightlife people, politicians, high-class socialites, yogis, gyms and a gym. Your choice is absolute. For each circuit you will need to have a different approach.

Dress well

If you are planning to go out to dine in the Beton Hala area you will need to get dressed to impress. But do not get it wrong. Do not go too far into extremes. You do not want to look like you’re about to jump in Belgrade’s wedding. Belgrade people mix casual clothing and really good wisdom. If you are a girl who is about to organize a chicken and bachelorette event in Belgrade, be sure to wear high heels. Yaf Belgrade girls even wear them to the story to buy groceries on Sunday mornings. See this article for better potential: Dress Code.

Blend in Belgrade Serbia

Blend in Belgrade Serbia

Learn body language

How you talk about the body is one of the key things in team integration. You need to be confident in yourself. Although not too much. Need to balance well. Do not be rigid or loose. Do not talk much and do not ask for much. Do not be silent too much. Just do not be an idiot.

There is no split charge in Serbia

When you go out to a party guys always pay on account. Girls almost never. Why? Do not know how to answer you for it. If there is a 100 euro bill let’s say there are 5 guys including yourself, each of you gives 20 euros.

Another way is to call for a round and pay the waiter right away. Good to know: Alternative Belgrade deals with the division of accounts between girls and boys. Mainstream just guys.

Do not use the wallet

Using a wallet will completely show that you are not from the environment. Wallets are not found. Wrap cash or just fold it nicely in your pocket. Hot Tip: Always bring more than you really need.

Cards? Yup you can bring a ticket. Make sure it is a nice ticket if you are going to go to high class areas.

Money Cash clip holder is good to go.



How to merge in Belgrade Serbia

How to merge in Belgrade Serbia

Do not get drunk

Do not get drunk. Drink below the limit that you know how to behave. Being drunk and out of control will show that you are unstable. That you can not manage yourself well.

Do not talk about politics

Change topic if someone brings politics to the table. It is highly recommended. It can be hard to get confused if you get into an argument.

Do not refuse Rakia’s first shot

If someone offers you Rakiya even in daylight, just grab it by the hand and drink it once. If someone tells you to take more you can refuse it right away. Just say: I’m fine thank you. If they keep offering you will continue with: I’m good thank you.

Answer to a question

If anyone asks you: hey let’s go see a game. If you do not want to, you have to answer directly to the person you do not want that you already have planes. Or you can say directly that this is not your thing. But you’re ready for something else. You need to know what you want and what you do not want. You need to speak loud and clear about it. Your body needs to keep track of words from your mouth. Merge in Belgrade and enjoy your stay!



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