Guide to Tipping in Puerto Vallarta for Getting the Best Service on Vacation

How to give a tip like a pro in Puerto Vallarta

No one wants to be that guy – the one who leaves a junk tip on the table – so we have the ultimate guide to giving a tip in Puerto Vallarta, so you’re always the boss in any situation, getting bomb service, looking like a rock star and feeling like a decent person in the process.

So, let’s get some myths out of the way, before we get into the simple matter of how to give a tip in Puerto Vallarta.

Myth # 1: Tips are included in the all-inclusive program.

Okay, let’s get serious about it, just because it’s online, does not mean it’s true, although it’s often written there in the resort, “tips included.”

While the resort staff will receive what is equal to a profit-sharing percentage, the slice they receive is thinner than a good piece of prosciutto, and their daily wage is undoubtedly lower than what the hotel staff in the US or Canada would have earned.

Give advice to these good people who carry your bags, clean your room, serve your food and drinks, and generally make sure you have a good trip.

Giving a tip to your hotel staff in Puerto Vallarta, at an all-inclusive or other resort, is just the right thing to do and it will be greatly appreciated.

Myth # 2: The US dollar is easily accepted everywhere.

While you can pay in US dollars in many places, but you’re usually going to burn on a really lousy exchange rate, and due to money laundering laws, there are limits on the values ​​you can use, so save those Benjamin and bring small bills ($ 1, $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20) with you.

Even better, bring your ATM card and withdraw cash from a bank machine when you arrive for your vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

You will get a convenient exchange rate and some American and Canadian banks even have agreements with Mexican banks to circumvent international service fees. Check with your bank before you arrive.

If you come with a US dollar, consider exchanging for a few smaller bills in pesos when you get here for your tip in Puerto Vallarta, like $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100 MXP.

It makes it easy to tip and saves the nice people you thank from having to go to the bank or converting money to change that dollar to pesos.

And Canadians, do not even think about it. Your money is fine, for sure, but you will be subject to the exchange rate in Puerto Vallarta and no business will agree to it.

Call your Canadian bank in advance and book a peso in advance or use your bank card when you arrive at the Avaleta ATM.

Now that these myths have been clarified, let’s go over who should get what when you give tips in Puerto Vallarta.

Taxi driver

While giving a tip to a taxi driver is not always acceptable practice, but if you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, there are times when you definitely need to transfer some cash to your driver.

Give your taxi driver in Puerto Vallarta $ 1 dollar or 20 pesos per bag if he drives you to or from the airport, and the same if you ask him to stop (like at a convenience store) on the way.

Local Tip: Taxis in Puerto Vallarta are not measured, but operate according to a tariff method set by regions. Check with your hotel staff what the fare should be in advance and check again when you get in the taxi with your driver.

Uber’s driver

Similar to taxis, giving a tip to your Uber driver in Puerto Vallarta is not exactly an expected practice but it is definitely appreciated.

In addition, the comfort, air conditioning and generally tendencies of Uber drivers in Puerto Vallarta will probably make you want to give them something small.

You can tip through the app at the end of your trip or you can just transfer cash, $ 1 USD or $ 20 pesos for each trip costing up to $ 150 pesos, which will take you from the marina of Puerto Vallarta to the old town of Puerto Vallarta, even at rising prices.

This is the best way to show some gratitude and make sure your rating on Uber stays amazing.

The Belboy

Easy and standard, tip $ 1 to $ 2 per bag ($ 20 to $ 40 pesos) they carry for you.

If you’re packing high maintenance (hey ladies! We’re talking to you and your platform shoes) with luggage that just creaked in under the airline’s maximum weight, make sure it’s $ 2 for this bag.


Do not wait for the end of your stay, as you may have a different maid every day of the week. $ 1 or $ 20 pesos per day is good, and make sure to leave it on your pillow so she’s clear it’s for her.

Now, it is based on a standard level of your personal cleanliness. If you know you’re a little dumb, up to $ 2 or $ 40 pesos a day.

And if you have soiled your maid – pounced on all the toilets or there are condoms right everywhere except in the trash – leave this good woman at least $ 5 or $ 100 pesos … or more.

You know what you did. Pay for it properly, an animal like you.

Tour guide

This can vary greatly depending on the type of tour, how customized it is and how much personal attention you have received.

But usually, on a large group tour, $ 10 or $ 200 pesos per person will be greatly appreciated.

For a more customized tour or if you paid special attention, as if you were part of the show, you might want to raise it to $ 20 USD or $ 400 pesos. For a drop of fishing and private yachts in Puerto Vallarta, the standard is 15% to 20% of your payroll, depending on your service and perception.


The spa staff

If you do not get a massage during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you are making a serious mistake in discretion.

Massages in Puerto Vallarta at a hotel spa cost less than half of what they do in the US or Canada, and much less than if you go to an on-site independent spa.

The same goes for manicure, pedicure and waxing services. Depending on how satisfied you were with the service, giving a tip at the Puerto Vallarta spa is usually 10% to 15% of the cost of the service.

The activities staff at the hotel

Although these guys and girls may be your best friends on your vacation, do not look at it.

Making sure your vacation is fun is really their job and they work hard to do it, get up early to start the day with these yoga classes on the beach, do night performances, and do lots of water aerobics, pool volleyball and general stupidity to entertain you in between.

If you are not happy with the holiday activities and prefer to keep it simple, you are not obligated to give tips to these people, but if they know your name and you know their name, and they make your vacation much better, leave them something when you leave.

Some really involve your level of involvement, but anywhere from $ 10 USD or $ 200 pesos or more will be fully appreciated.

The restaurant server

When we say waiters and waitresses depend on your tips, we mean it literally.

Almost all servers earn a minimum wage in Mexico (about $ 5 dollars a day … that’s true … not for an hour, a day), so you do it right with these people and charge your server in Puerto Vallarta.

For breakfast and lunch, or in a super casual place, 15% of the total bill is about correct. For dinner and fine food, 20%. Wait, you say, what if the service is not good? You will not have this problem.

The service in Mexico, especially in fine restaurants, is very attentive, as a rule.

Local Tip: In Mexico, the bill will not arrive for your meal until you explicitly request it, as the servers do not want to be rude and make you feel in a hurry.

Pool guard

How come you are not going to show some financial gratitude to a guy who found you a great location with an umbrella in the pool, and brought you food, drinks and towels? Give tips to your pool steward in Puerto Vallarta daily, in case he is not there on the last day of your stay, and to ensure you receive excellent service throughout your vacation. A 15% to 20% benefit from your daily pool bill is perfect.

The bartender

This is the person who is legitimate going to make or break your good time, so giving a tip to your bartender in Puerto Vallarta is important. 15% to 20% of the total bill or 1 US dollar or 20 pesos for each individual drink, while.

Local Tip: If you plan to open a tab, tip your first drink, then give the rest later when you settle your account. It makes sure you’re going to be first in line, getting attention at the bar.

Club server

Just like a bartender, your club server really brings the good times to your table, so give them a tip. 18% to 20% of the bill is standard.

The goalkeeper

Who is waiting in line? Not you! You’re here for a good time, not for a long line.

As everywhere, directing the goalkeeper to bypass the line can be a complicated equation based on many factors – how full the club is, how many people are in your team, your overall warm level, what others suggested that night to jump a line, if you are locally connected – then why It’s not easy to make life simple and order a Puerto Vallarta VIP Club package from PVNL Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, skip the queue and get out and about with a VIP host, table reservation, bottle service, open bar packages and more, at the hottest clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Knee dancer

Hey, we’re not judging unless you’re rigging the girl swaying on your knees by not generously tilting her.

You’re giving this girl $ 20 dollars and you’ll be a gentleman about it – turn it into a nice, crispy fresh bill, not some twenty ragged and damp twenty you took out somewhere.

that’s it. This is all you need to know to give a tip like the class act you are, whether you are on a valaretta party vacation, a girls trip, a bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta or just for a good time in one of the best nightlife cities in Mexico.


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