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Part circus spectacle, part rave and all high-energy theatrics, contemporary Argentine theater company Fuerzabruta has returned to its home city of Buenos Aires after touring the world for two years. The troupe will stage encore performances of its show Wayra in the Cultural Recoleta Centeradjacent to the landmark Recoleta Cemetery.

Fuerzabruta, which translates to “brute force,” was started in 2003 and first won over audiences in Buenos Aires with its acts in 2005. The company banded together as an independent offshoot of the De La Guarda theater company under the direction of Diqui James, one of the co-founders of De La Guarda, and Gaby Kerpel, De La Guarda’s musical composer. Acrobatic stunts, an exhilarating score mixing electronic, pop and punctuated with strong percussion, and illusions created by ever-changing staging also established the company as an international crowd-pleaser.

Elements of surprise and mystery characterize Fuerzabruta’s exhilarating feats. Official descriptions of the show are intentionally cryptic because even when universally understood themes such as the corporate rate race are worked in, scenes then spin off into the unexpected. With the full-sensory show taking place among as well as above and around standing audience members, attendees often feel like they are participating. Many find the hourlong show so thrilling that they end up going back to see it more than once.

Fuerzabruta’s return is long-awaited for its home audience with many weekend performance dates already sold out at AR $ 140 (around $ 26 USD) per ticket.

Catch Fuerzabruta through early August thanks to multiple performances on all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketek Argentina. For more information, visit Fuerzabruta’s official site.


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