Fluid Tuesdays at La Otra

Photography by Martin Medina on March 15th, 2022 in Nightlife

Miami, FL – March 15, 2022 – FLUIDMiami’s hottest Tuesday night disco party brought out the who’s who of Miami’s social scene including celebrity hairdresser Danny Jelaca, singer / songwriter Joey Diamond and actors Twan Kuyper and Lilimar Hernandez. Presented by Todd Crimea & Hector Nietolast night’s FLUID party featured special DJ sets by Sexy Fish’s musical director Manhatan and Socialista’s resident DJ ARCHITECT and choreographed disco performances by Spectacle Entertainment. E11EVEN Vodka served as FLUID’s exclusive vodka sponsor with a portion of the proceeds benefiting It Gets Better Project, a LGBTQ + youth empowerment organization. FLUID’s next party is April 5th at La Otra Wynwood. Follow @FluidDiscoParty on Instagram for more information.

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DJ ARCHITECT & Todd Crimea

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Todd Crimea

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