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In the not-so-distant past, downtown streets The angels Sat mostly empty after the corporate class left west for that day. The scene felt more like an abandoned movie set than a destination to get to. Services to travelers were scarce – especially when cobbled beaches and streets with upscale boutiques were constantly calling for Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. But with a sigh of relief, acclaimed restaurants have once sprung up in the desolate area, run by chefs with rising stars, along with trendy entertainment venues, award-winning art and culture and a thriving cocktail scene. When visiting the City of Angels these days, here are five things you need to know about the newly revitalized downtown Los Angeles area.

Tasting tour and menus

The downtown restaurant scene abounds with upscale offerings, and the best way to experience it is through one of the many tasting menus around the city. Forbes four-star tour guide patina A pioneer of modern fine dining in the city center. Its clean and modern design is only adapted to a satisfying kitchen created by executive chef Charles Oliya. The tasting menus here evoke every palate. A selection like a layered cake of big-eyed tuna (piled tuna with avocado dressed in ponzo vinaigrette) and Millbrook Farms deer mince served with butter pumpkin and forrestrial vegetables dot the traditional tasting menu, while other vegetarian-inspired menus also offer paleo diets.

Newer to the downtown restaurant scene are tasting menus at several other factories. B WhatFor example, the rising star candidate of the James Byrd Foundation for 2014, Ari Timor, carefully combines forged and hyper-local ingredients in the two tasting menus – a five-course menu with vegetarian options and a longer chef menu – he offers every night in a prominent place across the street From the new Ace Hotel downtown. Relish in an eclectic selection such as smoky ocean trout with turnips in the crest; And an English muffin with onion, borate, caviar and licorice herbs.

James Byrd nominee for Best Chef: West, Joseph Santano, continues to raise the bar at a downtown diner with his third restaurant, Ursa Winston. (Santano’s candidacy was for his efforts with Bäco Mercat.) The intimate dining room is adorned with an open kitchen where, on many nights, diners can watch Santano carefully take out elements on plates. While à la carte can be ordered, the tasting menu – four, five, eight courses or “super-omcaza” which requires three days’ notice – is where Centeno’s creativity shines in the crotch of trout ocean served on whipped cream With pickled rhubarb and pomelo; Satsuki rice with scorched scallop diver and the sublime Oni San Diego; And hand-torn pasta with carrot soprito, spignarlo and braided beef cheeks or lobster maine.

FTG-InsidersGuideToDowntownLA-WaltDisneyConcert Hall-CreditFedericoZignani

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Unforgettable performances

It is easy to choose the sweeping stainless steel curves of the downtown The Walt Disney Concert Hall. The prominence of the iconic façade only matches the star acoustics within the building designed by Frank Gerry. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic from fall to spring, the hall glows with contemporary and classic programming led by artistic director Gustavo Dudamel. The building is just one place that makes up the Los Angeles Music Center The campus, which also consists of Dorothy Chandler’s pavilion, the Ahmonson Theater and the Mark Typer Forum – landmarks that are home to arts groups such as the LA Opera, Los Angeles Master Choral, Gloria Kaufman presents dance at the Music and World Center – theater class and musicals From the Center Theater Group.

Italian Renaissance

There is no shortage of dishes from the leading Italian cuisine in downtown Los Angeles. One of the movement’s godfathers is chef Celestino Drago, who presents classics with a contemporary twist in Dragon Center, A restaurant located in a spacious and stylish environment that was once the safe of the city’s National Bank. It goes without saying that handmade pastas and sauces are the stars here, but Drago also offers a unique selection of dishes celebrating wild hunting. Browse the menu for creations like rabbit ravioli with baby artichoke, shaved carrots and rosemary bread crumbs; Pepperella with pheasant mushrooms and roasted morels; And a duck breast with polenta, Brussels sprouts and a brown butter fondue.

Trade the traditional to industrial b an animal and Factory kitchen. In Bastia, Husband and wife team chef Uri Menashe and confectioner Genevieve Gregis serve a menu that stands out as the restaurant’s nickname, which translates to “animal” in Italian. The chef’s house meat selection is just the beginning of the wild times. Also indulge in pan-fried chicken grains with roasted beets, Belgian endive and old-fashioned capra sera; Quatli ricotta with homemade pork sausage topped with black truffles and Grana Padano cheese; And the chestnut stew spiced with “coffee and donuts” (think of it as an Italian donut) served with whipped cream and coffee ice cream, recently returned to the menu after dish lovers enlisted in the kitchen.

At the same time, The Trattoria-style Factory draws crowds from all over Los Angeles to its humble location in the downtown arts district. The menu of homemade pastas, focaccia and meat entrees changes frequently, depending on what is fresh and available, but basic ingredients not to be missed include Mandili Di Seta (Pasta cultivates a pillow covered with Igor almond basil pesto) and Dumplings are poorly made (Gnocchi made from ricotta and semolina are tossed with pork ragù).


Salty cocktail at Seven Grand

Carefully designed cocktails

Over the past few years, Los Angeles Imbivers have swapped their rum and voices for more treasured and designed cocktail options. The intimate space of the Jaclofa Bar at the back of Seven Grand The whiskey bar has 18 seats and offers more than 120 varieties of whiskey, from American bourbon to Japanese varieties. High aim with flavors from the Papi Van Winkle family reserve, or Old Forster Bourbon birthday; Or order the Yaquel Bar The unique yawn of Yaklop is made with Japanese whiskey mixed with soda water on a draft. Cocktails and music collide on a bright dance floor at Honey cutting. The place is divided into two separate spaces: a cocktail bar and a disco. On the cocktail side, find a pool table, stalls and an upright piano. The bar offers more than 50 carefully designed cocktails, such as argonaut with pisco, apron, grappa, strawberry, lime and celery. At the end of the disco there is a more focused cocktail menu and also offers live music and DJ performances that entice you to the LED-enhanced dance floor. And if that’s not enough, behind a secret door at the back of Cole’s restaurant you will find lacquer, The nationally known speakeasy where you can taste expertly created seasonal drinks like Jersey Buck (rye, apple brandy, English pepper drum and ginger beer), or go for the Bartenders’ Choice and ask for one of the skillfully equipped mixologists of The pot dispense potion using the drinks of your choice.

LA On Display

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles It’s the only museum in the city dedicated solely to art produced since 1940. The contemporary attraction is located on two campuses in downtown Los Angeles – MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary in MOCA – and another in West Hollywood, the MOCA Pacific Design Center. View the city center regular collection of more than 6,800 works by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock and Robert Rauschenberg. LA’s independent visual arts offering peaks in The art track in downtown Los Angeles, A monthly self-guided event that spans more than 50 galleries in the historic heart of the city. The galleries remain open until late, restaurants pop up for activities (such as the local artisan house run by the farm) and about 25,000 visitors reap the benefits every second Thursday of the month.

Photos courtesy of Wutzwhat Photography, Federico Zignani and Seven Grand


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