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Spring is about to be reborn, so what better time to get a new picture on the bar scene than now? From those that focus on the bourbon to places where you can have a drink while playing board games, with these five hot openings, New York City We get a little more desperate, in a good way.

Sweetwater Social

Thank God, the incredibly scary but romantic place on the corner of Broadway and Blicker Street reopens this coming March. After all, when it was the safe at Pfaff’s, it was consistently the most unique space at NoHo to get a drink. Now, under the tutelage of bartenders Tim Cooper and Justin Noel, the bar in the basement has been revived with drinks that pay homage to New York neighborhoods. Natives or not, you’ll want to try the Dimmi Liquore di Milano and Aperol found in Little Italy, or the big troubles of Chinatown, Little China, a blend of toasted bourbon in sesame, cucumber, lemon and a little salt. Unlike its predecessor, the waiters in the designers costume have disappeared; Instead, indulge in your eyes (and hands) on soccer and football games.


Mile of moonlight

Mile of moonlight

With over 80 Kentucky American whiskey bourbons, this recently opened bar at Greenpoint is a haven for brown alcohol lovers. Owner Gary Embry, a native of the state of Bluegrass, decided to leave the corporate world and open this place out of a pure love for bourbon. “Every time my wife and I would return home to Louisville, we would miss the atmosphere of the city and its bars,” says Embry. “We decided to open a place here in Greenpoint, where we live, that combines the things we love – great bourbon and small American whiskey, unique beers, music and art by local artists.” While you can have almost any straight whiskey, the place also has a smart selection of artificial cocktails, including The Foggy Mountain Manhattan, a combination of bourbon bonded, vermouth, dry curacao and homemade applique bitters. The Greenpoint Sour is a rupture in a classic whiskey pickle, but instead is added to a blend of rye bourbon and blueberries.

The Norman Dirk

Despite the name that sounds Viking, the atmosphere of this beer pub in Williamsburg is a more pleasant beer hall than a bearded occupier’s cave. The Norman Dirk Founded by Ed Raven, owner of the popular beer and bar shop Brouwerij Lane, and beer master Chris Prutt. Although homemade breweries will be on the menu soon, you can be pampered with a select German selection (Jever Pilsener, Brauhaus Riegele) while you wait for this foam to ripen. Cuddle up by the stand-alone fireplace with a plate of smoked brisket and turkey confit, drop back some brews, and be grateful for your chance to rob the bar.


If you’re looking for a fancy place on the Upper East Side to sip cocktails, The Gilroy is it. Between the exposed brick walls, the cozy interior and the solid wood bar, you can find a huge selection of glasses ranging from wine and cocktails to create up to seven types of Negroni. Try the signature Gilroy Negroni, a blend of gin Spring44, Punt e Mes Vermouth and Campari, or go for something new like Oaxaca, which employs mezcal instead of gin. Other cocktails sound just as nice – the Eureka! It is a drink that combines chiffon dickel with honey and lemon from Leatherwood, and the refreshing Pils Collins is a blend made with Fords gin, raspberries, lemon, mint and green tea soaked in green tea.


Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a chit because this American gastropub focuses more on bacon than cocktails, but hey, they have some picks that mimic the smoke of the popular breakfast meat. For example, The Drunken Preacher combines Elijah Craig’s 12-year-old bourbon with St. Germain, lemon, mint and a splash of champagne. Manhattan at night full of Jim in the Black Sea, sweet vermouth and Lucardo Lacardo from Raskino. Of course, if straight is more your style, Hell’s Kitchen station also offers a healthy selection of bourbon and velcro. Senior chef and owner Peter Sherman suggests combining one of the drinks (or a nice cold beer) with some of the delicious pork offerings. After all, the premise behind the place is that not all bacon is made equal; You just have to sample the menu to see how true the statement is.

Photos courtesy of BarBacon and The Moonlight Mile


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