East End Backyard Has the Perfect Outdoor Vibe for Houstonians

Brian Ching has had several successful careers in Houston.

Of course, as part of his eight years of running to play football in Dynamo, he helped the club win the MLS Cup in 2006 and 2007 and won the 06 Cup MVP. He was also the first Hawaiian ever on the U.S. World Cup roster, and also joined the club in 2006.

His second career came as the face of Houston’s most dynamic football bar, Chic The Beer Lot 25, Which he opened with the Kirby Group in June 2018. Today he adds to this resume with East End Backyard at 1105 Sampson St at EaDo. The bar is designed to give urbanites a soothing repulsion with a bit of green and wind – and room for their dogs.

“We know a lot of people in the neighborhood who don’t have a lot of space for backyards, and we hope they see the backyard in the East End as a place they can get to and enjoy as their place,” Ching says. “Everyone enjoyed the look and feel we created.”

Liz Ching designed the bar, defined primarily by its mighty 16,000-square-foot outdoor patio with plenty of seating at a safe social distance and a gravel walkway, ensuring that even on rainy days neither you nor your furry baby will be muddy. . Smoke Tap in the middle of the space is a renovated bungalow that has become a full-service bar and offers 25 taps with favorites from Houston from Eureka Heights, Saint Arnold Brewing Co., and more.

You will also find several TVs and high surfaces built on antique Schwinn bikes. The playful color palette in the bungalow is inviting and sure to excite as cooler temperatures become the norm. Adjacent to the main building is a small container-like bar, with a smaller collection of liquor and breweries, in case there is a wait at the main bar.

Hidden at the end of the 3,500-square-foot dog park patio park is fenced off with a soft sponge to make it easier to walk on your paws. Some tables rest inside the dog park for people to keep an eye on their dogs, while waterfront keeps the good girls and boys moist. Opposite this there is a mural of Donkeeboy on houses further down the line, will host a taco shop and a shop for Donkeeeboy and Donkeemom to sell merchandise.

“Ultimately, we have plans to build on the other side of the block with small houses,” Qing adds. “We want to bring a cafe and different food concepts from around Houston to give people different options. All of these will flow into a central backyard. It will be a process of a few years until everything is finally built, but it will be a very unique concept.”

But Ching has a lot of time; After all, this second career is just beginning.


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