Drink These: Big Bar’s New Winter Cocktails

If you like holiday packages, then you’re as lucky as Los Angeles is not short of festive winter cocktails. But of the many offerings this year, the ones that really stood out to me were the ones off the Big Bar winter cocktail menu that first came up only yesterday. Leave it to the bar manager Carrie Ha and her team Take a season of good cheer and boost it up with drinks that will give you the warm blur. Vibrant mint chocolate, light and foam nougat, and Jagger’s Toddy! Christmas came early!

I was lucky enough to get a quick taste of the drinks, and I went through the entire 13 drinks menu with cocktail lover Daniel.Thirsty in Los Angeles“Zhang. I could not have asked for a better companion for a drink!

Here were my favorites from the new menu.

Pez cocoa mint

Winter Cocktail Big Bar Peppermint Cocoa Fizz

Peas Cocoa Mint: Bourbon Woodford Reserve, Wondermanta, Prana Branca, Vanilla, Creme de Cocoa, Egg Protein, Cream, Vibrant

Who said a winter cocoa mint cocktail has to be rich and heavy? This ingenious take of a beloved winter treat allows you to enjoy it more than once. The sweet de cocoa cream is balanced by the bitter mint of Perna Branca and lit by the egg white foam and soda spray. “The mint aspect of this cocktail comes from two types of mint,” Carrie says. “We use Death’s Wonder Distillery from Wisconsin in Wisconsin. This mint flavor is deep and rich and there is also a bit of St. George’s absinthe that adds to the depth of the liqueur.” In an unrelated tone, I want to buy a tub of Mint Andes baking chips that they sprinkle on the foam!

Mount Crumpit

Big Bar Mount Crumpit

Mount Crumpit: Jameson Black Bear Whiskey, Lairds Bonded Applejack, Amaro Montenegro, Lustau PX Cherry, Miracle Mile Hello Cari Bitters

Named after the mountain overlooking the Ville at its summit, the Grinch spends his time in a frown to all these annoying and joyous Hawaiians. This pop-up cocktail will make everyone’s heart grow in three sizes. A balanced and aromatic blend of whiskey, Jack apples, Amro and Cherry, it actually makes me spit while I drink it.

The imaginary monkey star

Big Bar Imaginary Monkey Star

Imaginary Monkey Star: Star Anise Cardamom Syrup, Mt Gay Black Barrel Rum, Confused Banana, Lemon.

In an era of rich and intense flavors, this banana rum cocktail is a refreshing change of pace with its layers of delicate yet interesting flavor combinations. The banana, which is confused by a strainer, comes first when the redness of the anise appears in the middle of the palate. I could drink it all day and night.

Frost Yo’Self

Big Bar Frost Yo'Self

Frost Yo’Self: Star Cinnamon Sponge Soaked Quintero, Hennessy Cognac, Redemption Rye, Lemon

Imagine yourself sipping something while sitting under a Christmas tree in the carnage of gift wrapping. It will probably be this cocktail you enjoy, Cresta is invested in spices with warming flavors of cognac and rye; Heavy anise on the nose. By the way, you must appreciate how the sugar on the rim here is delicate enough to resemble real frost on the glass.

After skiing

Big Bar Apres Ski

Apricot Ski: Clove Honey, Jaegermeister, Ginger, Pineapple, Lemon, Served Hot

For those who have not been lucky enough to catch the damn cold that has been circulating recently, you will fully understand when I say that this is the drink your body was looking for. “When you drink it, the heat spreads from the drink to the whole body and it’s so comforting,” Carrie says and she’s right. This ginger combined with the heat of the cocktail simply soothes the body and soul.

The entire Big Bar’s winter cocktail menu gallery

Big Bar 2016 winter cocktail menu


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