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‘Measure Man’ cast

Have you ever had the idea to indulge like Don Draper, Roger Sterling and others at the advertising agency Sterling Cooper & Partners? With a little imagination (and a useful guide like this), you can go in the shade Nervous man. AMC’s TV hit show, which airs its seventh and final season on April 13, is set to launch New York City, But it was actually filmed at The angels. Enter these photo spots around town to eat, drink and play like your favorite advertising managers.

Musso and Frank’s Grill

Before it caught the spotlight Nervous man, The Hollywood elite would flock to the mahogany bar of this 95-year-old restaurant for drinks and bargains on its payphone – the first in Hollywood. Corner pavilions are filled with characters like Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford in its early days, and Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and Elizabeth Taylor a few years before Draper would arrive. In the episode “The New Girl”. (Season 2, Episode 1), The Musso & Frank Grill play the role of Sardi’s, where Draper spends an evening mingling with Bobby Barrett in one of the restaurant’s worn skin cells over old-fashioned and dirty martinis. These two drinks can be ordered to date, expertly created by each of the restaurant’s flying bartenders.


Peggy at PJ Clarke’s (Casey’s Irish Pub)

Casey’s Irish Pub

On any given night, this dynamic cistern in the city center draws an infinity of gallons of Guinness and Irish coffee to the sounds of musical music or the sounds of local bands performing in the back room. Torn ones settle in wooden stalls and indulge in the favorite menu like Irish pub fries, fish and chips and corned beef and cabbage. In short, it means that the real Casey is not so different from the role he plays in “The Hobo Code” (Season 1, Episode 8) as PJ Clarke’s, the downtown pub where the Sterling Cooper Draper Price gang (then) celebrates its successful campaign and Peggy Olson breaks into The Twist.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Plaza Music Center

A regular target for the Oscars from 1969 to 1999, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is the current home of the Los Angeles Opera and Gloria Kaufman presents dance at the Music Center. A ticket to each of these award-winning performances will earn you an evening of entertainment between its crystal chandeliers and the sweeping staircases. In “Souvenir” (Season 3, Episode 8), the location is not broadcast as an arts venue at all, but as moonlight, instead, as a Hilton Hotel site on Rome. Don and his wife Betty travel there to meet Draper’s client, Conrad Hilton, and experience the property. One evening fresh Betty sits fresh on an extension prepared to be an outdoor cafe and casually smokes a cigarette with a draper in the middle of the music center’s iconic fountain.


Don, Joan and Roger at the Clio Awards Ceremony

Cicada Restaurant

This stunning restaurant combines Art Deco design with northern Italian food on the ground floor and mezzanine level of the historic James Aviat building in downtown Los Angeles. On Sundays (and some Fridays) the restaurant becomes the Cicada Club, where celebrants can celebrate their 20s and go out for an evening of live music and dancing. The expansive 15,000-square-foot space is ideal for any occasion, which is what made it the perfect venue for the Clio Awards banquet in the aforementioned “Waldorf Stories” (Season 4, Episode 6). You can see behind them the unique chandeliers of the space and the wall accents in a zigzag pattern.

Of sound

Dark wood and a sturdy bar are the first things you notice when you walk into this luxurious downtown place, which has been serving its unique French Dip sandwiches since 1908. The restaurant claims to be the source of the meaty dish, a difference from the neighboring sandwich shop. , The original Philip, controversies to this day. Cole had his moment in Nervous man Sun during a flashback in “Waldorf Stories,” when a young draper takes Sterling out for a three-day martini in hopes of convincing him to give him his vacation in the advertising world.

Photos courtesy of Frank Ockenfels3-AMC, Carin Baer-AMC and Michael Yerish-AMC


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