Drake, DJ Khaled, Gordo, Kamaru Usman, Paul Pogba, Paulo Dybala, Rauw Alejandro, & Zoey Dollaz at STORY Saturdays

Drake & Gordo

Miami Beach, FL – June 18, 2022 – Drake took the whole squad to Story on Saturday night to watch the iconic DJ Khaled take over the stage for an iconic performance. Partygoers were given an unforgettable, star-studded night with bottle service, incredible music, and the best vibes all around. Gordo, Kamaru Usman, Paul Pogba, Paulo Dybala, Rauw Alejandroand Zoey Dollaz were all seen hanging out in VIP, until the early morning.

1 drake zoey dollaz2

Drake & Zoey Dollaz

unnamed file

Drake & Zoey Dollaz

unnamed file 1

4 drake4


5 drake gordo3

Drake & Gordo

unnamed file 2


8 drake bottle parade21

Gordo & Drake

7 drake19


9 7 drake bottle parade15

Gordo & Drake

10 drake11



12 4d7a1377

DJ Khaled

13 dj khaled performing389

DJ Khaled

14 dj khaled performing568

15 ronaldinho bottle run71


16 drake bottle parade1

17 ronaldinho6


18 kamaru usman paul pogba5

Kamaru Usman & Paul Pogba

19 vinicius jr paulo dybala dimelo flow rauw alejandro paul pogba6

Vinicius Jr, Paulo Dybala, Dimelo Flow, Rauw Alejandro, & Paul Pogba

20 dj bulletproof dj nasty dj don hot7

DJ Bulletproof, Nasty, & Don Hot

20 1 4d7a2112

DJ Bulletproof, Nasty, & Don Hot

21 jordan daceo ovo chubbs4

Jordan Daceo & OVO Chubbs

22 dj don hot elle smith9

DJ Don Hot & Elle Smith

23 dj don hot vinicius jr10

DJ Don Hot & Vinicius Jr

24 dimelo flow rob garcia

Dimelo Flow & Rob Garcia

25 jamezz arturo vidal phantom neo3

Jamezz, Arturo Vidal, & Phantom Neo

26 4d7a1346

DJ Khaled


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