Discotek Night Club Shut Down by Interior Minister

Interior Minister Nohad al-Mashnuk did so parent Discotheque will close following the video that was released showing half-naked women dancing and kissing. Beirut Governor Ziad Chebib also shared a video in which he specified That the nightclub is sitting following the incident. Discotheque issued an earlier apology in which it stated that they were unaware of the personal actions of the perpetrators.

To be honest, we are certainly not used to seeing such acts in nightclubs here and it is difficult to defend what happened but why could they not fine the nightclub heavily instead of closing it? After all, this is a single incident that the management apologized for and explained in the post. Why take such extreme measures? And is the law enforced on all nightclubs breaking the law?

We would like to apologize to those who attended the Cirque Le Soir event on Friday. Neither the management of Discotek, nor the management of Cirque Le Soir, were aware of the personal actions of the perpetrators. Cirque Le Soir is a renowned show that is currently on a world tour. We conveyed our opposition to the management of Cirque Le Soir on the unacceptable acts. We understand that some of you may have been offended and this was never our intention.
We hope you enjoy the apology.
_Discovery Management_


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