Crowd Spotlight – Mathew Davis

Matthew Davis can be described as bold, generous and bold without a doubt. But what everyone should pay attention to from this amazing man, is his philanthropic soul. To a large extent, this is why he was chosen to be a prominent member of our audience.

Any Day Now

As a native of Kansas City, Davis did not stray too far from home when he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia to earn a degree in journalism. After years of private study – and the accompanying uniform – a bachelor’s degree gave the man we know today to be impeccably dressed his first taste of expression through fashion. But at the heart of his heart, Matthew always knew exactly who he was, embraced that person, and shared himself so eloquently with those who had had enough of talking to him.

Mathew rooftop

Sleek and stylish

When he entered the workforce, Davis was enthusiastic that he wanted his work to be important. Today, he works as a communications and events manager at the Veterans Community Project, an organization best known for its tiny home village, which provides veterans who are experiencing homelessness with housing services and aisle support. Matthew talked about the privilege he felt of sharing the powerful stories the residents told him, emphasizing how important it was for him to raise people’s voices without the agency speaking for themselves. He does this with intention and meaning every day.

Mathew VCP

Matthew at VCP

This is just a snapshot of the amazing qualities this man has and that is why he is a favorite among our audience. When asked why he loves our events, his statement was strong. “When it comes to Updown events, I do not feel that I am being tolerated only as a token, but embraced as a whole person.” He extended the attraction of a black, gay man, expressing that he had never felt insecure or threatened. Instead he feels a sense of acceptance and love from the audience we have treasured.

Mathew Letter 2 U

Everything was blurry – a 2 U letter event

Matthew, we emphasize you for being a role model in our community and an amazing person overall. You are one of our most welcome guests!


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