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COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is part of the Sathorn area of ​​the city.

The hotel is just minutes away from Silom’s nightlife, yet quietly hidden from Bangkok’s traffic.

In this review, we show you why the COMO Metropolitan is one of the leading hotels in Sathorn.

Rooms and toilets

Terrace room

Of all the standard rooms, their balcony rooms are the best.

In addition to the usual indulgences, there is a private terrace designed with seating and an outdoor rain shower.

Inside there is a spacious living area with a king-size bed, a lounge and a private bar.

There is also a shower cubicle in the bathroom and COMO Shambhala bath products.

But you can equally take advantage of the outdoor shower because it is there.

COMO Metropolitan Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite

If you prefer a private bath, check out the penthouse.

This is a good option for couples, or if you are returning a girl from a slalom.

For more guests, the COMO Suite with two bedrooms is more suitable.

You can enjoy a view of Bangkok from the living room, the dining area and even the bathroom.

It’s perfect for small parties.

As a bonus, you will have access to your private job 24 hours a day.

COMO Metropolitan 2-Bedroom Suite
Two-Bedroom Suite

Restaurants and bars

With a bar
With a bar

There are some convenient eateries at COMO Metropolitan.

For something healthy, try the Zohar restaurant.

They are open all day, serving breakfast and a variety of light meals.

But if you want fine food, try the food in comfort.

It is one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, picking up a fourth Michelin star in 2021.

The food is traditional Thai food updated using spicy, sweet and savory ingredients.

At night, enjoy drinks at the Met Bar.

They are known for their cocktails made with Thai herbs and fruits.

They also include over 40 different martinis as well as wines from around the world.

  • The best food: Zohar Restaurant, Matt Bar, Lesson


Get up in a panic
Get up in a panic

To make your stay truly enjoyable, check out the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape Spa.

They offer a variety of treatments including massages, cleansing programs and even yoga.

Packages are available if you are looking for multiple treatments.

There is a real health focus on COMO Metropolitan.

Afterwards, you can take a dip in the outdoor pool and relax in the lounges.

Event venues are also available, but slightly limited compared to other 5-star hotels.

  • highlights: Outdoor pool, COMO Shambhala Spa

Places nearby

COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is located in Saturn, just off Sathorn Road.

But it’s also a good base if you’re planning to explore Silom at night.

The hotel offers a regular shuttle service to Sathorn Road and Sala Daeng BTS Station.

Two of Bangkok’s top restaurants, Aesop’s and La Scala are within walking distance.

For outdoor activities, Lumpini Park is a short drive away.

Although this area is not as wild as other places in Bangkok, there are several bars for a walk in Patpong.

It’s just a short taxi ride away.

  • places: Sala Daeng BTS, Aesops, La Scala, Patpong

from here

  • rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 27 S Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Check rooms Official Website

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Common questions

What is the best room in COMO Metropolitan for groups?

The best group room in Como Metropolitan is the Como Suite.

This is a two-bedroom suite with a large living room, dining room and full kitchen.

With a private bar, the living area is the perfect place to party.

You will have a private server available 24/7.

What is the best room for couples in COMO Metropolitan?

The best rooms for couples in the COMO Metropolitan are the balcony or penthouse room.

In the balcony room, you will have an outdoor shower for steaming hot days.

And in the penthouse, there is a private bathroom.

So if you are returning a stunning girl, think about where you want to spend some quality time.

Both rooms are very luxurious so it’s a win-win!


Benefits Disadvantages
Friendly staff Place
Transportation to BTS The pool area is too small
Personal butler service
Took a Michelin star restaurant


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