Cocktail Recipe: Chris Day’s Butterbeer Cocktail

Cow vodka black butter-washed cow by Caroline on crack

Looking for something fun and different – with a touch of nerd – to serve at your holiday party? Luckily for you, bartender Christopher Day (Tribute Bar, Redbird) created this recipe for butter beer. Your Harry Potter-loving guests will be honored.

It is no coincidence that this recipe uses a butter-washed substance Black cow vodka Since Chris is the California brand ambassador for vodka. But I asked him to invent a holiday cocktail using vodka, which is my favorite because of its smoothness and surprising ceramicity. Seriously, try it in white Russian. Better yet, sip it while enjoying a plate of cheese. So perfect together since it is made from milk.

I was supposed to pick it up for a Christmas party at the office, but then I realized that such a cocktail would be lost on my co-workers, who would eventually flock to the wine and beer anyway. Instead I’m saving this baby for my family’s Christmas party. They are huge fans of Harry Potter. Plus they will not judge me if I leave too many of them.

The great thing about Chris’ butter beer is that not only does it have a lot of alcohol – vodka, sherry, vanilla liqueur and beer – but it’s not as disgustingly sweet as Non-alcoholic versions You find Online. Yes, it involves the need to rinse the vodka with butter, but this process is actually not difficult. The “hardest” step will probably be browning the butter. I’m still scared to burn it! Check out my video below where Chris shows how to do it.

How to wash vodka in butter

1 bottle (750 ml) of black cow vodka

2 tablespoons butter without salt

Transfer the black cow to a 1 liter sealed container.

2. Add the butter to a small pot or pan over high heat. Let melt and as soon as bubbling begin to form small stains of charred butter: it is ready.
3. Pour the browned butter into the container with the vodka (squirting caution).

4. Seal the container and shake it slightly to disperse the butter (be careful to open the seal occasionally to release pressure) and let sit for about an hour.
5. Place an airtight container in the freezer overnight (about 10 hours) to allow the fats to solidify and accumulate.

6. Grease filter through MUCH cheesecloth or coffee filter back into original bottle or other airtight container.

7. Keep refrigerated. Stored for several months if stored properly.

A recipe for butter beer

It is best to collect the cocktail in advance in one bottle and keep it refrigerated until served. I forgot to chill the beer too, and the cocktail came out pretty lukewarm after I made it for my family. Do not make my mistake! For a party hour pour 1.5 ounces into an 8 to 10 ounce glass, then top with Old Speckled Hen or Boddington’s beer.

3 parts vodka washed in butter
2 parts cherry cream (recommended: Alvear or Lustau East India)
One part (could be even less) Gifard Vanilla (or Liqueur 43 if you can not find Gifard)
Add bitter bitters to taste

Do not want to make DIY Butterbeer?

Butterbeer by Christopher Day

For those who do not want to make it themselves Chris will serve his butter beer cocktails at A tribute to the bar In Sherman Oaks from now until the end of the year.

By the way, Brin Smith in Soto Also makes a great butter beer cocktail, but its a beauty in a bottle made with homemade butter liqueur (Tito vodka and simple syrup from real vanilla beans) and served with Angostura Bitter whipped cream.

Happy holiday!


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