Clueless & Bibo Ergo Sum Cocktails at ArcLight Hollywood

Quick, what is your favorite movie in Los Angeles and what cocktail would you combine with it? If it’s Amy Curling’s Lack of concept So you’m in luck!

On August 19, as part of it Summer Pop Up Series, ArcLight Hollywood hosts West Hollywood’s designed cocktail bar, I drink so I, At his terrace bar. And the talented bar staff made three original cocktails ($ 10 each) inspired by Sher and her romantic adventures, and let’s face it, in beautiful Beverly Hills attire.

Just saying the name of each drink conjures up your favorite Lack of concept scenes. By the way, I kind of wanted them to make a coffee cocktail as a sign of respect for the romance between Mr. Hall and Mrs. Geist, that OMG was basically the same age in the movie as I am now.

Bibo Cocktail Argo Sam as if!  Photo by Jake Ahles
like! With Vapid Vapid, Aperol, Pamplemousse, Ginger, Lemon, Sparkling Wine
Bibo Argo Sam Cocktail Makeover Montage by Jake Ahles View large!
Montage Makeover with Future Gin, Pinot Cherry, Fresh Lime, Mint, Honey, Cherry Syrup, Celery
Bibo Ergo Sum Suck n 'Blow Cocktail Photo by Jake Ahles
Suck n ‘Blow with Future Gin, Strawberry Lilt Rouge, Fresh Lemon, Yogurt

There is no costume contest or anything, but if there was a time to wear your cute yellow plaid outfit, this is it. You will totally get a lot of accessories on it.

So this coming Monday, roll with the Homes at 6 pm Have a drink at the terrace bar, then head out to the theater! The show begins at 7 pm. But there is no need to suck your drinks because you can really bring them with you.

This series actually started last month with die Hard And it ends in A Beverly Hills cop(!) On September 23rd.

Update: The tickets are almost sold out, but there is still enough for the upcoming tickets A Beverly Hills cop One next month. Can’t wait to see what cocktails the BES team will come up with for this.

ArcLight Hollywood
6360 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028
(323) 615-2550


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