Best Restaurants for Group Dining in Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

If you are planning a group trip to Puerto Vallarta for a special occasion or just to get to one of the best beach destinations in Mexico with your friends and friends for an epic party vacation, you will need to know some of the best restaurants for groups in Puerto Vallarta.

Luckily for you, we have local information on the coolest restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that will not only be able to accommodate groups for dinner but also offer fantastic food, great atmosphere and proximity to the hottest nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife starts late and so does dinner, so aim to book you in by 9pm or later, and our restaurant offerings will be full of glitters of nightlife, dinner and drinks before heading out to Puerto Vallarta’s famous party scene.

We will match our suggestions for dinner with the most popular nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta to make your night easy, because at PVNL Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, we make the party in Puerto Vallarta simple, fun and memorable.


These offers for group restaurants in Puerto Vallarta are less than a 5-minute taxi ride away from some of the hottest clubs in Puerto Vallarta, including Strana, Bibliotheca and La Santa.


Tintoque offers upscale Mexican cuisine from one of Mexico’s youngest culinary stars, Chef Joel Ornals.

Chef Joel, a local in Puerto Vallarta, has honed his skills in some of the most famous cuisines around the world in Mexico, Spain and England.

With a menu that changes daily, weekly and seasonally to reflect the freshest local and regional ingredients, Tintoque has been crowned as one of the top 120 restaurants in Mexico at Guía de México Gastronómico 2019 (Mexico Gastronomy Guide) by Culinaria Mexicana Publishing House and is the only restaurant in Pu And Larte who was included in it.

So if you are a food lover, you are not going to miss this place.

Additional highlights include an amazing sommelier selection of Mexican wines, special tequilas and mezkel that will accompany your dinner and an open chef’s kitchen so you can see all the magic going on.

Tintoque is located in Plaza Neptuno, Marina and Larta, and you can make a reservation Here.

Sonora Grill Prime

Originating in Mexico City, the Sonora Grill Prime Group has positioned itself as the favorite restaurant for pre-party parties and elegant celebrations, with locations in every luxury destination in Mexico and will soon expand to the United States.

Carnivores, this is your jam, with massive chunks of prime, organic, Class A American, black, wagio and dried stale steaks.

But don’t worry, the vegetarian party people in your group will find plenty to provide them with some vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

Big screen TVs broadcast big sporting events – think Superbowl and FIFA games – but other than that, the house DJ maintains the atmosphere with his special combination of music and video presentations and on Friday and Saturday nights, they also have a guest singer to accompany his songs.

Cocktails are 2 × 1 all the time at Sonora Grill Prime in Puerto Vallarta, including mixology roaming the wild bar, and – PUERTO VALLARTA TIP INSIDER – buy one bottle of wine and the other bottle is 50% off.

You will also receive an invitation courtesy of an amazing bean dip to start your meal (feel free to ask for refills) and some of their homemade sorbet cones to finish the dinner.

If you are hosting a special event, such as a birthday party vacation in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to let them know and they will make a big deal out of it.

Sonora Grill Prime is located in the Nima Bay building at La Marina # 121 and you can place an order Here.

Top restaurants in HOTEL PUERTO VALLARTA

These great restaurants of Puerto Vallarta for group dining are all within easy walking distance of Strana, Biblioteca and La Santa.


This place is truly a legendary icon in the Puerto Vallarta restaurant scene, with a completely white decor that is certainly unlike any place you have ever eaten before and super worthy of Insta.

Get ready for some completely high level Mexican service – this place does not even give you a menu, your server will bring a huge menu board to your table with what is served that day and will explain to you every item on the menu in full.

Expect international cuisine that is beautifully coated with a little Mexican twist and always fresh local ingredients.

The daily menu will always include plant options for the vegetables at your party so everyone will be nourished and happy.

Get ready for another PUERTO VALLARTA inside tip! Thursday nights are Women’s Night at La Leche and the women drink free of charge from a selection of specialty cocktails, making this place the perfect choice for a bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta.

La Lecce is located on 2.5 km of Francisco Medina Avenue and reservations can be made Here.

The Argentine violation

Another amazing steakhouse of Puerto Vallarta, La Waka Argentina, is housed in the same building as the Bibliotheca and La Santa, so you will not get more central than that! With seating inside and on the terrace, they have a huge menu of chopped and juicy prime steaks, seafood, pasta, Mexican and international dishes including, unsurprisingly, some traditional Argentinean dishes.

Perfect for a group dinner before the game, especially for the Puerto Vallarta bachelorette party, all cocktails at La Vaca Argentina are always served 2 × 1 and they offer two separate private dining rooms to keep up with what’s happening at La Vaca in La Vaca.

La Vaca Argentina is located in AltaVista Plaza on Francisco State Avenue and you can make a reservation Here.

La Madeleine

Located right next to the famous Strana nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, La Madeleine is a popular choice for the lovely people to grab dinner and drinks before heading out to the club.

The double central parts of the room are the huge floor-to-ceiling bar and the even larger TV with an extra large screen that will screen important sporting events but usually has art videos that will accompany the DJ’s soundtrack for the night.

Inside the trendy interior, a strolling bar cart will set you up with a craft cocktail and the modern Mexican-influenced menu is perfectly characterized with fresh salsa combined with the table from their wandering “salsa” that will prepare something spicy or mild like you please.

La Madeleine is located on Francisco Medina Avenue and you can make a reservation here.


Porphyry is best described as a modern Mexican fiesta. The menu is a sophisticated twist of traditional Mexican dishes, with a beautiful and whimsical coating, all offered at surprisingly affordable prices for a restaurant with such a sleek interior and first-class service.

Cocktails are all 2 × 1 in Porfirios and they will start your meal with a small appetizer for free.

On Friday and Saturday nights, they have a mariachi band after 9pm that will play live accompaniment to video tapes – a kind of mariachi karaoke fire – and make sure to let them know if you are celebrating a special event because the staff will do something special for you.

We have another tip from the inside of PUERTO VALLARTA! Be sure to order dessert…. We are not going to say anything more…. But make your phones and order dessert. It’s worth it.

Porfirios is located in the Plaza Peninsula and can be booked Here.

Top restaurants in downtown Puerto Vallarta

Offering this Puerto Vallarta group restaurant is within easy walking distance of the famous Mandala Puerto Vallarta nightclub, Morelos Bar and La Wakita.

Barcelona tapas

With one of the best views in the city, Barcelona Tapas in Puerto Vallarta, it is a favorite choice for al fresco dining and is just four blocks from all of Puerto Vallarta nightclubs from Alcon.

Serve delicious tapas in an ideal Spanish style for sharing, this is a great option for a group meal, and they prepare a deadly sangria to help start the night.

With a top-floor dining room and a downstairs bar and lounge area – both offering stunning views of the Banderas Bay Pacific Ocean – Barcelona Tapas also offers private event events so you can turn your group dinner into your own exclusive event before the party.

Barcelona Tapas is located at Calle Matamoros 906 in downtown Puerto Vallarta and you can make a reservation here.

One of the reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the best choice for group vacations and the best Spring break The destination in Mexico is not only the legendary nightlife, but the amazing culinary scene in our city.

From street food to fine dining, Puerto Vallarta has it all and so does ours PV Nightlife You can count on recommendations for a group meal to always provide the perfect start to any epic night in the city.

Click here Start planning your unforgettable nightlife experience in Puerto Vallarta And let our local experts take care of every detail of your best celebration evening ever with our nightclub experiences and custom parties for group vacations, birthday parties, singles and Bachelor packages Or just the best night of your life.


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