Belgrade Weather in January! All you need to know~

How to dress to impress or how not to get cold in Belgrade during January. A simple way to say this is to get yourself a worm. The weather in Belgrade in January is cold. Wet outside and there is a strong chance of wind almost every day. But hold on! There are some interesting and quite unique things happening at this time.

Walking around the city center

Hard to turn around it sure is. Only a short distance is recommended. Traffic jams are common during the winters in Belgrade. However, January is lighter than other months. December around New Year’s Eve is definitely a disaster. Some days around the new year are likely to be chaotic with traffic. Walking around is still fine if not too much snow on sidewalks.

Where people hang out in Belgrade during January

You will not find people doing outdoor activities during the winter months. Most people hold meetings in popular cafes in central Belgrade. Some hang out in restaurants and bars. The most visited place are malls. They are especially crowded during January in Belgrade. Hot tip: Parking in malls can be difficult to deal with as well as getting to the right taxi ride.

Is it snowing in Belgrade in January?

Yes it is yes. Is there a lot of snow? No! It’s not bad at all. If you are looking for skiing and snowboarding then there is a lot of snow on Mount Copaonic.

Good to know: Sometimes it happens that there is no snow in January. Snow removal in Belgrade is well organized by the city authorities.

Weather in Belgrade in January

Weather in Belgrade in January

Is it snowing in Belgrade?

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is located in southeastern Europe. The winter is mild compared to, say, Germany. We do not have that much snow in the city. Yet some mornings you may be surprised with the beautiful white snow that covers the city. People B usually take it easy. This is the slowest month of the year. There is a Catholic Christmas and then Rosh Hashanah. Just 7 days later, the weather in Belgrade in January causes people to slow down their activities. Mostly this month is related to family matters. The first week of January has an Orthodox Christmas. Only a week later you will have the privilege of celebrating the Orthodox New Year. One would think that all these happenings would make January a busy month. It’s quite the opposite. The Orthodox Christmas is celebrated with a family at home. Orthodox New Year is not such a big thing believe it or not.

Hot Tips: If you are planning to visit Belgrade in January, be prepared that this is a low season for Belgrade clubs and nightlife. Not many events occur either.

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